Forget the Olympics...let’s get started on your Kitchen Decathlon!

When you hear the word decathlon, your mind typically turns to one thing – the Olympics. And with the Summer Olympics right around the corner in Brazil, the hype around one of the toughest physical challenges the games offer hits its’ peak. The Decathlon features 10 athletic events held over 2 consecutive days, with the contestant who aggregates the most points declared the winner.

In many ways, kitchen remodeling is its’ own series of events, particularly when it comes to making product selections. Call it your own “remodeling decathlon”. Just like in the Olympic Decathlon, 10 “events” (or products for you kitchen decathletes) must be prepared for and participated in to help you achieve your goal. Your gold medal result depends on the decisions you make that help shape that dream kitchen. Each event is not to be taken lightly, as the results of choices in one event often have a direct impact on performance in your other remodeling decisions events.

So, what does it take to create your own gold-medal winning dream kitchen? Succeed in the following events and you are well on your way!

The Kitchen Remodeling Decathlon:

1. Appliances

      Typically the first event. What you choose here will likely dictate the rest of your design.

2. Cabinets

      Tricky to navigate all the choices in door styles, wood and finishes. Start with a general idea of color…or you may never reach the finish line.

3. Countertops

        Some rock solid choices here. Going with quartz and gran
      ite typically insures a podium finish.

4. Hardware

      Don’t get fooled into thinking this is an easy one! Knobs, pulls and finishes galore require a real focus and deliberation over what will get the best results.

5. Cabinet Accessories

      Maybe the best event of all. From roll out trays to glass doors and drawer organizers to spice racks, the hardest part with

cabinet accessories

      is knowing when to stop.

6. Sink

      The only lows you should be feeling by the time you reach this event? Just how deep you want your sink bowl (or bowls) to be.

7. Faucet

      Cool down with designs, styles and choices to help you drain the competition.

8. Backsplash

      Paint, tile, even a continuation of your countertop material. Don’t just take the subway on this one. Much to choose from in tile and plenty of other materials as well.

9. Lighting

      With general and task lighting, this is a 2-parter that requires a real focus to make choices that can help you see the light, err kitchen.

10. Flooring

      Almost there! Think about what you “wood” consider. Keep it steady underneath with flooring choices that can provide the look you want with dependable performance.


When it’s all said and done and the decisions have been made, the products have all come together and you see your dream kitchen come to life, you will look back fondly on your own gold medal kitchen decathlon performance and the joy it brings you every day when you use their space. And unlike the Olympics, you don’t have to wait 4 (or 2 years) to train for your next event, the Bi-athroom-alon. (Ok, we agree, that’s a stretch. There’s only so many Olympic inspired kitchen and bathroom remodeling events you can come up with!)

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