“Manning” your kitchen with base cabinet storage that can handle any Super Bowl

Super Bowl Sunday happens once a year, one of the most watched events across the entire world.  All eyes will be fixed on some great story lines.  Will Cam Newton cap off his breakout season with a Super Bowl championship?  Will Peyton Manning go out on top with another Super Bowl title to his resume?  How good will the commercials be this year (if I haven’t seen them already via YouTube and other social media)?

But the biggest question transcends this Sunday.  We’ve all got our own Super Bowl.  You know the one I am talking about. The really big bowl that we use for special events, parties or holidays.  The one that requires a special place, because this kitchen cooking trophy accessory is just…that…big. 

Today’s base cabinets offer a variety of storage options to handle your “super bowl” along with any larger pots and pans you have in your kitchen.  Here are 3 of our favorites:

· Hut 1: Deep Drawer Cabinets offer ample storage for bowls and cookware of every shape and size, with 2 drawers to handle even the largest items.  Certain deep drawer cabinets are made specifically for underneath the cooktop to provide convenience and ease of access right where you need it. 


· Hut 2: Base Cabinets with Roll Out Trays are a handy option for storing pots and pans.  From traditional full depth trays that roll out to staggered roll outs that can easily accommodate bowls, pots and pans in the larger, deeper roll out tray with shorter, staggered shelves above for your lids and smaller cooking items offer convenience and organization. 


·  Hut 3: CombinationTwo Drawer Deep Drawer Cabinets with Built-in Roll Out Trays offers drawer storage that is both flexible and convenient.  Each deep drawer has a smaller roll out tray that can be opened and closed independently of the drawer, offering extra storage and better organization in each drawer.. 







Whether you decide to go deep (think drawer here, not Hail Mary pass), roll out or play more of an option-style game by combining deep drawers and roll out trays, rest assured you have plenty of options to creating winning storage solutions in your kitchen for your own Super Bowl.

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