Molding the perfect finishing touches to your kitchen design


There was a time when we just didn’t go for molding. Maybe it was too fancy, or just too extravagant. But not anymore. Today’s consumer understands better than ever how molding connects their cabinetry and all the components of their kitchen into a crisp, well thought out kitchen design.

The truth is, molding is the finishing touch. The cherry on top. The icing on the cake. It ties the design together with lines and details that add accent, purpose and completes the look and feel of the kitchen.

Nationally recognized kitchen & bath industry expert Sarah Reep, ASID, IIDA, CMKBD, CMG, CAPS and Director of Designer Relations and Education for Merillat, goes even further to remind us not to forget islands and peninsulas in your molding design. According to Sarah, “when considering molding for islands and peninsulas, outside corner molding or a simple half-round shoe molding blends smoothly into the overall design, subtly enhancing style while providing needed function.”

While the choices are near endless, sometimes a basic start is best. Cove molding can be a simple, flexible choice to begin with. It works with every style category and fits practically any cabinetry door design. The end result is a finished look that feels coordinated and integrated. Another option is angled crown, a simple and clean molding style with no grooves or lines (won’t catch dust!) that won’t compete with the lines and grooves of the cabinet doors.

A popular feature in molding today is the 10’ foot piece. Longer than traditional 8’ molding pieces, a single 10’ molding piece can bring a more seamless look to the kitchen. This can be particularly important when considering painted cabinetry, where breaks in joinery and matchup points are less forgiving.

Molding can also be used to create a nice shield for kitchen lighting. Moldings shorter in height, starting around ¾ of an inch, often works best and can lend a more finished appearance when installed to the bottom of wall cabinetry in a continuous run.

Whether you prefer a little icing on your cake…or a whole lot of it, having a conversation with your kitchen designer about all the molding options available can help you make the best choices for your own kitchen. .

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