5 Elegant Solutions for Bathroom Storage

5 Elegant Solutions for Bathroom Storage

In small rooms, storage space is a premium -- and most bathrooms do not have enough of it. Decrease clutter and maximize your powder room, hall bath or any bathroom with these 5 elegant storage solutions for bathrooms. 

1. Open Shelves

Open shelves have transformed kitchens, so why not try them in the bathroom? They could be the ideal storage solution for stacks of towels, everyday toiletries, or candles and plants that add ambiance. Shelving above the sink works well for everyday essentials, shelving near the toilet is the perfect spot for extra TP, and shelving on the wall offers multipurpose storage. 

Near the sink and shower, consider glass shelving. Not only is glass airy and clear, it won't get harmed by splashes of water. Wood shelves work well in other parts of the bathroom, where they won't be exposed to water. 

2. Vanities 

If your bath has a pedestal sink with no storage underneath, swap it out for a bathroom vanity and attached sink to gain counter space and multipurpose storage solutions. Vanities these days come in all shapes and sizes, so you're sure to find something even if your bathroom is tiny. Ideally, you will have space for something with shelves and drawers that let you store a range of items out of sight. 

3. Tall Linen Cabinet 

To complement your vanity and extend storage space in the bathroom, consider a tall linen cabinet. Choose from floor to ceiling models that look like they were custom-made for your bathroom to 7-8' tall varieties that store most of your everyday needs. While almost all linen cabinets have shelves, you can find varieties with roll-out trays or tilt-out hampers that aid in combating laundry clutter. You will also find shallow linen cabinets if you are worried that your bathroom is too tiny to support a full depth cabinet. 

4. Recessed cabinets

A stylish recessed medicine cabinet easily stores items without extending into the bathroom space. Combine it with built-in outlets and you will be able to move electric toothbrushes and shavers off the counter. 

In the shower, a recessed storage cubby provides plenty of space for bath products, so you can clear clutter from the edges of the tub. 

While these solutions are great for small bathrooms, where every inch is premium, they also work well in bath remodels by adding contemporary features to the powder room -- which can help it appeal to the next generation of home buyers if you're remodeling with a plan to sell. 

5. Hooks, Racks, and Towel Bars 

Hooks, racks, and towel bars contribute style to your bathroom while offering easy places to hang towels and bathrobes. Racks and hooks in any color, shape, or size let you show off your personality and complete the look of a renovated bathroom. Renters who need more storage space but cannot make permanent alterations to a bathroom can try over the door racks or ladder-style towel bars.

Gain inspiration for your bathroom remodel and find the perfect storage options for your own bathroom when you visit one of our Reico Kitchen & Bath showrooms.

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