Here's How You Fix A Dysfunctional Kitchen Design

The kitchen is a great place where people can come together and make a meal and talk about their day...except for when you’re cramped when there’s more than one person in the space. Or you keep bumping your elbow on that poorly placed counter. And you are constantly wrestling those pots and pans out of your cupboards.

Yes, kitchens can be great, but not when the designs aren’t. If your kitchen is older or was poorly designed from the start, it’s time to stop dealing with it and time to start making a change. Trust us, you’ll be glad you did.


Ask a Professional

This is perhaps the most overlooked aspect of fixing a kitchen, and a step people skip because they think it will be too costly. Not using a (professional designer or) contractor may have been the cause of your dysfunctional kitchen in the first place. A professional can help establish a plan of attack to get the flow of your kitchen in order and remove the hindrances that have been slowing you down.

They’ll be able to equip you with tools you otherwise wouldn’t have had, such as software that can help you plan your new kitchen virtually before any work is even done. At the very least, bring on a contractor at the beginning of your project to establish what the effective way to fix the roadblocks in your kitchen are. 


Stop Picturing it

Yes, Pinterest is a great tool and can be very helpful in creating updates to your home like a new marble counter, pretty backsplash, or new cabinets. But if the actual design of your kitchen is inherently flawed, then doing facelifts on the surface will only increase the problem. 

Ask yourself how often you cook, how often you entertain, and how many people cook at once. If your kitchen is hindering you from doing any of these things successfully, then it’s time to redesign. Knowing the answers to questions like these will help you sort out what’s most important for you in a kitchen and let you have a place to start when it comes to fixing your design.


Think Big, But Not too Big

Getting the kitchen of your dreams is not as far away as you think and doesn't necessarily require you to think too big or too custom. Go too crazy with customization in your kitchen design and the biggest element may be the cost. It likely won't stand the test of time either and will be outdated within the next few years.

Adding too many details can also complicate the design process and cause you to wind up with a dysfunctional place yet again. Customize your area with simple, timeless options that are unique enough to you, but will still last.


Leave it Where it Is

If you’re operating on a budget, then you should leave major appliances where they are. That way, you won’t have to think about reworking your entire plumbing system. These kinds of renovations are the most costly and time-consuming. But since these are factors that often play into the dysfunctionality of a room, you’ll have to work out other ways to fix your design. Shift your kitchen counter, move cabinets, add an island - all these things can shift the way your kitchen flows as well.

We love seeing how fixing a kitchen people are unhappy with impacts their lives for the better.  At Reico Kitchen & Bath, we’re passionate about exploring people’s dream designs. If you’re fed up with the way your kitchen design is functioning, it’s time to contact us. We’ll go above and beyond to make sure everything flows smoothly and perfectly.


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