How To Design Your Dream Laundry Room

What’s a room in your house that gets neglected? Hopefully, you didn’t say all of them. But if you think about it, you might not actually pay much attention to your laundry room.

You do probably spend a lot of time there, though. Maybe your laundry room is near your kitchen. Maybe it’s near your bathroom. Wherever it is, you might think of it as just a place to go get the washing done. It’s time to make it a place you actually want to be because you have to be there one way or another. 

So make your laundry room as good as it can be with a few tricks.


Upgrade Your Machine

The most important part of a laundry room are the things that actually do the laundry. You could argue that point with us, but don’t a new washer and dryer sound like music to your ears?

If your washers and dryers are old, you could be spending extra time doing laundry that you could be using relaxing or finishing up other chores around the house. New machines also save a lot of water and can help you save on your water bill.

You can also maximize your space efficiency with a new design. Front-loading machines are great for laundry rooms that are in or near the kitchen and require you use your space as strategically as possible. Machines with pedestal storage also give you the option to tuck away any extra towels or detergents.


Plug It In

It’s possible that your laundry room design was awkward from the start. Your builder might have put the outlets in a place where the cords from your washer, dryer, light, or other appliances that use chords are hanging out everywhere. A big tangle of cords definitely doesn’t look good.

You can get your outlets installed below the counter, so they don’t hang low and create a huge eyesore. If you don’t have a counter, you can strategically install outlets to the sides of walls where they’ll remain out of sight.


Store It

If there’s one thing most people want in their laundry room, it’s space. Get some cabinetry advice from an expert, and see how upgrading or installing cabinets in your laundry room can make a world of difference.

Consider that many of the sprays and chemicals you might be using for your laundry come in fairly tall bottles. With that in mind, you can design your cabinets around them. You can also add slanted shelf storage that holds laundry baskets if you’re really cramped for space so that they hang above your washer and dryer.

If you have no space for a drying rack, install one into your cabinets. A pull out drying rack can save you a ton of space, and pushes right back into your cabinets at the end of the day.

You can design a complete laundry room at Reico Kitchen & Bath. It doesn’t matter where your laundry room is. You deserve the best when you’re working hard and doing those chores. We have appliances for every room of the house, and someone who can get you just the space you’ve been looking for.



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