How to Max Out Your Kitchen Space for the Holidays

Are you thinking of entertaining for the holidays, but look at your kitchen and think twice about having people over? You want to cook and have a place for your friends to stay, but envisioning having to prepare all the food in your tiny kitchen is making you want to suggest having a party somewhere else.

Finding new space in your kitchen will put you back in the holiday spirit. Here’s how to start.


Get an Island

If your tiny kitchen is making you wish you were on an island vacation, do the next best thing and get a kitchen island. Getting one installed in your home is easier than you may think when you put the design process in the hands of an expert.

An island provides you a noticeable amount of new space to work with. Elevate your prep work, especially if you’re going to be cooking large meals for many people. Your counter space will go from zero to sixty the second you install one.


Strategic Pull Outs

You can maximize the space in your kitchen by installing kitchen cabinets where you might not have had them before. 

In general, pull out cabinets are going to allow you to have more room to store things. Even adding just one can give you room where there was no room before.

Some kitchens come equipped with dummy drawers to make it look like there’s a drawer where there actually isn’t one. If this is your kitchen - make a real drawer! Adding that space will help you monumentally when it comes to making a bigger space to work with. You can also add pull out trays to cabinets to allow for better access and to maximize storage. And save your back and knees from all that bending, stooping and kneeling to see what is in your cabinets.

Organizing your corner cabinets also work magic on a kitchen lacking space. It can be the perfect place to store items used less frequently, such as your crock pot or rice cooker. And with corner cabinet organizers and accessories, everything is in easy reach (no flashlights to search the back of the cabinet required.)


Rethink Your Food Prep

To cut back on people in the kitchen, think about rotating when you’re going to be cooking your meals. If two cooks in the same space is too many cooks, plan ahead on your cooking times.

When you’re actually serving the food, serving it buffet style can save you a lot of headaches. You’ll be able to minimize crowding by clearing a path through the kitchen. 


Add Shelves

If you’ve run out of options with your cupboards, you can use shelves to create new space in your kitchen. Strategically asses your available wall space to make the best use of shelving in your kitchen and the adjacent areas. It's easy to make your kitchen look overcrowded, so make sure you are adding storage that is both aesthetically pleasing as well as space-saving.


Ceiling Space

If you have no cupboards to put any more pots and pans in, but you’ve got more pots and pans, you’ve got a problem. But you can solve your problems by hanging pots from the ceiling. You can get your kitchen equipped for this kind of storage very easily, with some simple installation.

Maybe you’re looking at your kitchen and thinking, well the whole thing has to go. That’s not actually a bad thing. Because at Reico Kitchen & Bath, we’re ready to come to your kitchen’s rescue. Even if you have a small fix that needs to be taken care of, let us take care of it. You’re busy with the holidays, so let us take some work off your hands.


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