How To Pick The Best Cabinet For Your Kitchen

Is your kitchen stuck in the 90’s? Haven’t had the time or the know-how to give your cooking area a face-lift? Don’t even know where to start?

We’ve got the answer for you: start with the kitchen cabinets.

Your cabinets are the focal point of your kitchen, and the design and feel of the cabinets are what pulls the whole room together. Creating a design for your cabinets and finally getting a new look will energize the entire appearance of your kitchen.


Choose Your Material

One of the first steps is to consider what type of cabinet material fits the budget and the style you’re looking to develop throughout your kitchen. The following are the most popular choices you have to decide from:


Wooden cabinets are classic, timeless, and high-quality elements that can take your kitchen from ow to woe in just one simple remodel.

  • Oak 
    Oak cabinets are a solid choice for anyone looking to budget more conservatively while still maintaining a quality feel. The wood is less expensive than alternative options and comes in beautiful red hues that are often grainy in texture.
  • Maple
    Maple is a closed-grain wood, which means that it’s smoother to the touch because of its cell structure. That means when you opt for maple cabinets, you’re getting a sleek wood with consistency in color throughout. It’s light in color, so lends itself to a more contemporary look, but also can be stained different, darker tones.
  • Cherry
    Slightly more expensive than both oak and maple options, cherry wood is a traditional choice because of its exceptional durability and smooth wood. Its dark coloring allows for a classic look in your kitchen and takes many different finishes very well.
  • Alder
    A natural honey hue is what defines alder wood cabinets, along with a softness in the consistency relative to other types of wood. It’s very lightweight and provides a beautiful option for anyone looking to make a kitchen themed with light hues.
  • Walnut
    Walnut wood comes with a large variety of color variations, so you can consider this material if you’re looking for something unique. It’s often dark in color, and a rarer type of wood so can lead to longer wait times if this is the type of cabinet you choose to order.
  • Laminate
    These cabinets are made by using furniture board as the core and overlaying it with laminate that’s made to look like wood or whatever material appearance you’re trying to achieve. They’re a cost-effective alternative to wood and can be made to expertly imitate the more expensive material.
  • Thermafoil
    Thankfully, thermafoil cabinets are not made out of any actual foil. Thermofoil is a type of vinyl that is fused to a wooden surface like fiberboard. They’re among the least expensive cabinets on the market but have a seamless finish that also mimics the look of wood. They have a satisfying glossy finish but can be subject to water damage because of their fiberboard core.


Talk About It

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Working with a designer takes the stress out of any bathroom or kitchen renovation project, and getting new cabinets is not an exception.

At Reico, we deliver you new kitchen cabinets in four simple, organized phases to help your project have a clear goal from start to finish.

  • Phase One
    This is the stage where you gather information, and get excited about the project at hand.
    We help you to stay excited and not get overwhelmed. It’s of utmost importance not to skip the planning phase, because it creates the building blocks for your project.
    We’ll ask you the questions you need to consider when thinking about your kitchen cabinets that you might not even have thought about during a free in-store consultation.
    Once you’re fully educated about your design, pricing, budget, how to measure, and more, you’re ready to move on to the next phase.
  • Phase Two
    By this phase, your project is set to begin. There’s a lot to think about, so we gave you a list of anything and everything you could possibly need to do to prepare. We’re here to set your mind at ease and make the process as smooth as the new beautiful wooden cabinets you’re getting.
    You’ll know how to order, how to communicate with your designer, and, a step people often don’t think about - where to stage all the items that were in your old cabinets when they’re getting worked on.
  • Phase Three
    Phase three is when we get down to business. This is the actual installation phase of your cabinets, and you can see your new kitchen starting to come to life. In a few short weeks or less, you’ll finally have that dream kitchen in your home, and we’re with you for the entire renovation journey.
  • Phase Four
    Phase four is our favorite phase because it’s when you get to sit back, relax, and say, “Wow, my kitchen looks fantastic.” That’s right - your project is now completed, and you can enjoy your kitchen looking better than it ever has.

We’ll check in after ninety days and a year to see if you have any questions about the care of your cabinets and if everything is going as you planned. We really just like to hear people tell us that they love their kitchen, and we’d love to hear that from you.



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