How To Prepare Yourself For a Kitchen or Bathroom Remodel

What’s more daunting than the idea of a remodel? Nothing, really. But while the idea of it may seem scary, you’ve actually got nothing to worry about if you prepare the right way. 

You’ve finally decided you’re going to take that step and remodel your kitchen or your bathroom. A remodel can bring out the best in you, and it can bring out the worst in you. But the way you react all depends on knowing exactly what to expect from your new project. Here’s where you start, and how to make the process more bearable.


Skip Town

If your budget allows, now could be the perfect time to take that vacation you’ve always wanted to take. When you’re saving up to fund your remodel, think about stowing some money away so that you can get away for a while, while your kitchen or bathroom is getting a makeover.

Schedule that business trip that you’ve been needing to go on, or even just get away for a night or two to reset your perspective. This could also be a good time to visit relatives so that you can have your mini getaway on a budget.


Keep the Big Picture in Mind

It’s all about how you look at it. When you’re going through the remodeling phase, it’s easy to feel inconvenienced. Not being able to use your kitchen or bathroom for however long your remodel calls for? Not fun.

But think about the remodel in the long run. In terms of how long you’ll own your house, it’s a short period of time. And afterward, you’ll be able to enjoy your new room day in and day out. You’ll soon forget about the time that you had to wait for it to be done.


Snack it Up

When your kitchen’s out of commission, you might not know what to eat. Before your kitchen is out of use, stock up on lots of non-perishable items that you can easily make. You can also turn to your microwave for the time being.

If you have a grill outdoors, now is the perfect time to use it if the weather permits. That way, you can still cook food of your own. You can even use it as an excuse to throw a party.


Assess Your Area

Now is as good a time as any to go through your kitchen or bathroom and decide what you need and don’t need. Your cabinets or storage areas may be in use anyway. Check things that you haven’t used in a while and donate items you aren’t going to use.

You’ll also want to prepare the rest of the room to experience some dust, depending on the renovation you’re doing. Consider wall decorations, curtains, blinds and anything else in the proximity of your project where there’s going to be drilling or anything that could produce dust.


Research It

At Reico Kitchen & Bath, we’ve gotten educating people on what to expect down to a science. We’ll let you know all the phases of your project from start to finish. You can read about it online, or you can consult with one of our design experts in person to give you as much information about your project as you could need.

We can give you insight into your kitchen and bathroom project that you may not have thought of on your own. You’ll learn how long everything should take, including ordering, permit, construction, and installation as well as the most common “unexpected” things that happen once a project starts and disrupt even the best timelines.  

Preparation leads to success, and we want your remodel to be an exciting and smooth process. Your new kitchen or bathroom remodel should be something that’s fun, and that’s what we’re here to bring you.


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