Outdated Trends: What You Won't See in Your Kitchen and Bathroom in 2019

It’s out with the old, and in with the new. Especially around New Year. If your New Year's resolution is to remodel, then you’ve come to the right place. Here are the trends you need to ditch in the new year and a little bit of what you might consider using instead.

Designs You Need to Ditch in the New Year

There are some trends that you remember but never want to see again. Shag carpets and popcorn ceilings? They may have been cool back in the day, but they’re not cool now. And other things aren’t so cool, too.

Of course, if you like something, you like something. If one of your favorite styles is on the not so cool list, don’t let it get your down. Decorating your home is all about making you happy, so you should ultimately go with what you prefer, not what a list says. But lists can help inspire, you, too.

Not so cool: Minimalism

So 2019: Maximalism

It’s no secret: minimalism can be sleek, trendy, and stylish. But it also has the ability to become boring and lackluster. Everyone’s been doing it for so long that it’s not impressive anymore. Minimalism can have the tendency to look too produced and unnatural.

Patterns that you wouldn’t think to pair together are actually trending. Breaking out of the box is big, and anything you can do that creates an unusual combo is what’s going to make a splash in 2019. Add some elements to your kitchen or bathroom that catch the eye, like a patterned countertop or a textured rug. Mixing and matching cabinet colors with the other colors in the room can also bring intrigue into the room.

Not so cool: Industrial

So 2019: Organic Materials

In general, cold and industrial looks are something that people are leaving behind. Now, decor is being geared to looking more natural. Brassy and bronzy pieces, like barstools and metal decor, are not as prominent as they once were.

The outdoors are being embraced indoors. The color green is becoming more dominant, and organic elements are the new hot ticket. Wooden pieces, wool, and ceramic pieces are great items to start decorating with. Anything that speaks to a natural style is going to bring this look home. 

Not so cool: Millennial Pink

So 2019: Neutral 

Millennial pink has been dominating the color scheme for years now. Everything seems to have that signature pink hue, and whatever area was decorated with it was considered trendy.

Now, beige and neutral tones are dominating the scene. Millennial pink is fading, and more toned down colors are entering the scene. Yes, luckily for you, you don’t have to get a millennial pink fridge. Beige and creamy tones will get you an up-to date area.

Not so cool: All-White Kitchens or Bathrooms

So 2019: Darker Tones

The all-white kitchen is easing in demand as times go on. It can be a bright and cheery look when done well, but it’s sometimes difficult to maintain. And it’s been done before.

Now, people are opting for darker looks in their kitchen and bathroom. Black appliances or steel can draw the area together nicely. A low-light mood with deep hues can inject your room with an ultra-cool vibe. Black countertops, dark wooden floors or tile - all can be taken into account.

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