Rub-a-dub-dub, the biggest bathroom remodel challenge? The tub!

Every project has that one challenge.  Well, if we were lucky there would only be that one challenge.  But you know what I am talking about.  The “what do to with” question that always seems to present itself when remodeling the kitchen, the bathroom or any room in the house. 

For Jen Denham and her client, the “what do with” question for this bathroom remodeling project had to do with the tub.  A tiled in corner tub added to already dated look master bathroom.  And with so many options for bath tubs out there, it can be hard to pin down what type of tub will work best.  After some careful questioning and a lot of communication, the client’s original idea for a decorative cast iron tub was changed to a free-standing, less ornate cleaner looking Kohler Sunstruck tub.  Not only did this tub compliment the more traditional tile, tile accents and fixtures in the bathroom, it better served its’ most important purpose…as a grandchild’s private swimming pool.  And once that was settled, the client could focus on there favorite part – the larger shower. 

This is where working with a professional designer makes all the difference.  By asking questions, Jen was able to refine the rough ideas the client had about what they wanted to do in the bathroom.  Identifying the clients’ style and the key things wanted in their remodeled bathroom: wood look tile, neutral color palette with some darker accents in fixtures and cabinet hardware.  A critical moment came when Jen brought samples out to the client’s home.  Viewing the samples in the bathroom space itself facilitated a change to the flooring color selection to offer slightly more contrast to the space, a suggestion the client was in complete agreement with. 

Communication throughout is what really made the project a success.  The questions about what the client wanted was essential, but so were the calls when things weren’t going exactly as planned which always happens on a remodeling project.  In this case, some tile arrived damaged.  But thanks to communication between the client and the installer the project continued to move as quickly as it possible could, to the great satisfaction of the client.

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