Shower Thoughts: Creative Redesigns for Your Shower

You do some of your best work in the shower. How often have you been standing there, and thought, wow, that’s the best idea I’ve ever had?

For providing you with all those exceptional shower thoughts and moments, you should give your shower some thanks. Maybe it’s old and outdated. Maybe it’s just time for a change. Maybe you’re unhappy with the style, or never even gave it a second thought. 

Your shower should be a relaxing place for you to go, not something you look at and say, “blah.” Ready to get your shower that redesign it really needs?  

Some ideas to get you thinking...


Design Ideas for a New Shower


A Rain Shower Head

When it comes to a bathroom renovation, installing a rain shower head in your bathroom can revolutionize your entire showering experience.

What’s a rain showerhead, you ask? A rain shower head, fittingly enough, is engineered to make it feel like you’re showering in the rain. They offer multiple settings that give you everything from a light drizzle to a full rainstorm.

Thin holes allow the water to release and flow out evenly. Rain showerheads have a much larger surface than a regular shower head, and can sometimes spread out across the entire shower ceiling. This makes for a particularly cathartic showering experience and feels extra luxurious. 



Maybe you have old, gross grout that needs replacing. The moisture of your shower can cause tiling to look old and damaged, or even peel. Old tiles may even be hiding water damage.

Tiling your shower is a surefire way to get it looking brand new in no time. Call in a professional, like a consultant from Reico Kitchen and Bath, to let you know what’s going to look best in your shower, and how it can tie into other parts of the bathroom as well.

There are endless options of tile for you to choose from. You can play with scale depending on the need of your bathroom. Large tiles in a bathroom give it a longer (maybe replace longer with larger?) appearance. Small tiles with detailing give a focal point to the area.  Contrasting inlays can also add intrigue to a bathroom that needs a little pop. Don’t be afraid to play with color and try something new.


All About The Hardware (maybe replace with Fixtures)

How often have you thought about your shower faucet? Do you have a clear faucet that makes all the grime show up that you have to clean all the time? You might be sadly nodding your head right about now.

Replacing the shower faucet and shower head in your bathroom can make a blah bathroom look clean and new. Stainless steel fixtures are a classic and modern look that can never disappoint. You can also get more vintage with a bronze shower head, or go for a unique finish like wood or steel.


A Complete Revamp

It’s possible that no matter what you do, your shower just isn’t cutting it. Maybe you want it in an entirely new position of the bathroom, or it’s just really tiny.  Or maybe the entire bathroom needs a revamp to create the shower experience you want, and the experience you want from your entire bathroom.  It’s time for an expert to come in and do their job. You can get coached through the process and collaborate on to turn your bathroom into what you’ve always wanted it to be.


Start Small with Something Simple

Not able to afford any type of redesign right now or just too overwhelmed to know where to start? If you’re still putting money away in the piggy bank, we’ve got a few simple solutions for you. A fresh new shower curtain with a bold print can make your bathroom look completely different. You’d never expect that such a simple fix could make such a huge difference. You can also consider throwing a fresh coat of paint on the walls, or hanging a new picture.  And don’t entirely rule out a bigger remodel.  It might be less expensive than you think when you’re working with experts that know how to save you money.

Whether you go big or go small with your remodel, make sure you’ve considered all your options.  Call Reico Kitchen and Bath if you’re ready to get the shower you’ve always dreamed about.   We can help you create a space that everyone can enjoy, and where you can keep getting those great ideas sparked.  Plus, you can always take a shower and think about it...


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