Tell-Tale Signs It's Time to Remodel Your Kitchen

On average, people spend thirty-seven minutes of their day in the kitchen. If you’re a guy, you spend a little less time. If you’re a girl, you spend almost an hour. And if you’re someone who really, really loves to eat, you probably spend even more time than that.

Especially if it’s where your family usually gathers to eat meals, the kitchen is one of the most important places in your home. In fact, we’d like to think it’s the most important place.

Don’t let the most important place in your entire house fall into disrepair. Are you spending all that time in a kitchen that needs a facelift?


It’s Looking a Little Worse for the Wear

You know what we’re talking about. Maybe when you first moved in, your kitchen was fresh and bright. But it’s gone through the ringer with all the cooking and years you’ve spent using it.

Things start to break down, and screws start to get loose. Not only is your aesthetic starting to drag, but your appliances aren’t functioning like they once were. 

Maybe your countertops are scuffed, or your kitchen cabinets really need a new coat of finish. They would need to be replaced altogether. When things are getting run down, it wastes your time. And it just doesn’t look good.


You’ve Changed

Sorry kitchen, it’s not you, it’s me. Maybe your lifestyle is different now than it was when you first used your kitchen. You could have started out your time in your home as a bachelor, but now you have a family and kids. 

You need more room to enjoy time together as a family and cook meals for all those dinner parties you find yourself throwing now. Who knew you’d ever be so sophisticated. But how can you be when your kitchen doesn’t suit all your needs? Add an island, add more space - add more oomph to your kitchen that wasn’t there before, because you didn’t need it before.


You Just Don’t Like It

Hey, there’s nothing wrong with admitting this. People’s style changes. We learn new things. Maybe that dream kitchen you had fifteen years ago just isn’t what your dream is now. But it can be when you decide to take the steps and get an updated look for your space.

Maybe you’re not into the flooring. The countertops could look a little bland to your eye. A new cabinet style has popped into your head. That style of appliance just isn’t cutting it anymore. You have the option to change all those things.


You’re Going to Move 

Moving is one of the number one reasons that people remodel their homes. (But we think you should enjoy your home while you’re in it!) Still, may agents suggest that giving your kitchen a remodel is a good idea because it will improve the value of your home. It will also improve the chances it will get purchased in general when you have an aesthetically pleasing kitchen.


Things Are Flickering

You flip your lights on in the kitchen. And you’re greeted with that old familiar flicker. You don’t want your kitchen to look like a strobe light is going off. Or what about that buzzing? Maybe it’s time to think about getting new lighting, so you can see the food you’re preparing much more easily. 


Get Things Cooking

Okay, so your kitchen is showing some of those signs that it’s time to fix things up? Don’t let that thought fill you with dread. Get excited about the future of your kitchen when you put it in the right hands.

Reico Kitchen & Bath has everything you need to get started with your new kitchen remodel. We’re the experts in kitchen remodeling and can help you with everything from big picture details to the type of tile you want. You can check out our kitchen estimator to get your plan into action. Just think - in no time at all, your kitchen’s going to look great.

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