Why "Smart" Kitchen and Bathrooms Aren't Just a Thing of the Future

When you think of a modern kitchen or bathroom, you might think of clean lines, streamlined appliances, minimal decoration, neutral color tones, and efficiency.

You’d definitely be right if that’s what you think of. But a truly modern space can be even more than this. You’ve got a smart phone in the palm of your hand at all times of the day. Why can’t your kitchen or your bathroom be smart, too?


The Bottom Line for Floors

With new upgrades in materials and technological advances, materials for your flooring have come a long way since you might have upgraded your kitchen or your bathroom.

Engineered wood can take the place of expensive wooden floors, and look almost exactly like the real thing for those on a budget. Wood laminate and luxury vinyl are also great options at their price points. They’re also much more water resistant than real wood and aren’t as hard on the ears when walking or if something is dropped.

The innovation doesn’t stop there. You can get floors that heat your feet. When you step out of that shower, you won’t have to dread setting foot on the cold tile floor, because it can be all warmed up for you and ready to go with a smart bathroom or even kitchen floor.


Smart Toilets

The idea of a smart toilet might bring to mind a bidet. While this is partially what you’d be getting, you also get a toilet that can actually clean itself.

Never having to clean the toilet again sound too good to be true? You’ll still have to do a little maintenance, but it eliminates the heavy duty stuff with a cleansing iodine solution. A smart toilet also has a night-light inside for those late bathroom visits and a lid that opens and closes with a sensor.


Voice Technology

You don’t have to talk to yourself anymore...or only Alexa. You can talk to your shower and your bathroom. 

You can tell them that it’s too hot or too cold, and with technology that’s hooked up to a thermostat in the rooms, you can tell the room what temperature you want it to be. 

Tell those lights to turn on and off, too. You can’t be bothered with flipping the switch. And if you want to set the mood, voice technology paired with dimmers and colored lights can easily create any type of atmosphere you want.


Smart Appliances

You’re driving your kids to soccer practice after making dinner and you can’t get that thought out of the back of your head - did you leave the oven on?

Never have to worry about that again with smart appliances. They’ll shut off after they haven’t been used. They can also send alerts to your phone.

Ovens also have cameras in them now and digital monitors to inform you how you should be cooking your meals. You can get a fridge with a touchscreen on it to let people know what's inside, what you need to pick up at the store, or any notes that will keep you going through your day.

Connect your dishwasher and other appliances to WiFi. Most new appliances have corresponding apps, like a dishwasher that lets you know when you’re going to need new detergent pods, what the status of your cycle is or stop it and start it from anywhere.


Smart Mirrors

Smart mirrors are going to make you feel like you’ve stepped into a movie. But rest assured, these high-tech gadgets are actually real-life, and they’re right now.

You can get ready for your day while staring at your calendar, the internet, or your texts all on your mirror. Need to know the weather? You can look straight at your forecast with technology built right into the mirror. And if you want to turn up or turn down the lighting, you can just talk to it and let it know.

No matter what kind of upgrades you’re looking to do to your kitchen or your bathroom, you’re going to want to be smart about it. The most well thought out thing you can do is get an expert on your side. Reico Kitchen & Bath can help you get the smartest, most up to date kitchen or bathroom that’s going to wow all your guests and make you feel right at home.


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