A Guide to Different Types of Bathroom Renovations

You’re looking at your bathroom and thinking “I wanna do something about this.” You’re not exactly sure what, though. Does it just need a few updates? An entire add-on? A whole change in floor plan?

There are several types of bathroom renovations you can choose to have done. Depending on what your bathroom is already like, you might be able to make a few changes and be satisfied with your bathroom. Or, you could require more of a remodel. Whatever you need, it’s best to be completely clear of it before you start, so you don’t get halfway through and realize you wanted something else all along.


Cosmetic Remodels “Tear & Replace”

These remodels are usually the most simple, because you’re not getting into the nitty-gritty with a change in the floor plan, or with plumbing or electricity in most cases. Cosmetic remodels can breathe new life into your bathroom in a big way, and can make an old bathroom that’s falling apart look brand new.

Cosmetic remodels may include renovations like new vanity, sink, flooring, countertops, or new tile on the walls. It’s anything in your bathroom that is going to give it a new style without going too deep below the surface.


Floor Plan Remodel “The Redesign”

It might be that your bathroom is just not working for you. You’ve added some family members or roommates, and the flow isn’t what it once used to be. You’re looking at a floor plan redesign.

There are endless combinations of floor plans to consider when you redesign your bathroom floor plan. There are also a few standard floor plans that you can use as a guideline when thinking about what you want in a bathroom. These include ideas for full or master bathrooms, three-quarter bathrooms, half bathrooms and so on. 

In every case, you’ll need to consider the number of people using your bathroom and how frequently it’s going to get used. Will you need to use a tub? All of these points will help you decide what type of floor plan you need and what you need to remodel.  The good news is that every bathroom is a little different, so when redesigning you can really work towards the layout and design that will work best for you.



When you decide you’re going to stay in the current home you’re in, you’ll eventually need to remodel your bathroom for aging in place. At its simplest level, you might think about getting a shower seat, adjusting the height of your toilet seat, and/or adding grab bars to the space. There are many considerations when it comes to an aging-in-place design, regardless of whether you decide on a pull and replace bathroom remodel or a more substantial full bathroom redesign.  


Adding a New Bathroom

If you’re planning a new bathroom entirely, similar to the redesign you’re going new floor plan remodel all the way. If you have the space and the need to add a new bathroom, it’s a super useful and practical move for your home...plus bathrooms have one of the highest rates of return for remodeling if you decide you’re later going to sell.


At Reico Kitchen & Bath, we’re always ready to help you with your bathroom renovation. With decades of experience, we will look at your bathroom and listen to your needs to determine the right type of bathroom renovation that fits for you.

If you’ve got a small space or need a complete style makeover, we know just the hints and tricks to guide you and to make sure you’re totally excited about your new space. Just give us a call, and get ready for the expert bathroom design advice you’ve been looking for all this time.

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