All The Steps You Need for a Minimalist Bathroom

When you think of minimalist style, a lot of things might come to mind. You might be thinking of something that’s not quite your taste, because it’s all steel and metal with no decorations. Maybe that is your taste, but you think of weird, modern art and all-white walls.

You might be right, but you might be overthinking it, too. Minimalism is defined as a style that is characterized by simplicity. So when you’re thinking about minimalism, it’s just the simpler, the better. Doesn’t that sound like something you might want in a bathroom? Declutter, pare down, and marvel at how much more minimal and pleasing your bathroom looks.


Use it Or Toss it

One of the basic examples of a minimalist mindset and style is that you only have what you use. Go through everything in your bathroom, and if you don’t use it at least once a week, toss it. Unless it’s a cleaning supply that doesn’t require you use it once a week, that is.

When it comes to the decor, if there’s anything you don’t love, it’s time for that to go, too. Minimalist style is about keeping just a few items that you love, instead of hanging on to a lot of things that are okay.


Dejunk Your Junk Drawer

Everyone has a junk drawer in their house. If yours is in your bathroom, as mentioned above, use it or lose it. You can have a minimalist bathroom with a bunch of junk hiding the second that someone pulls on a drawer. Often, the things in your junk drawer aren’t things you actually need. Be brutal in your decision making to get yourself going down a minimalist path.


Everything is Functional

In a room that’s minimalist, there’s nothing there that’s there for the sake of having it. A piece of furniture in the corner just because it makes the room look cozy? Get rid of it. If you’re not going to actually sit in it, it’s not minimal.


If in Doubt, Go All White

The easiest way to achieve a minimalist color scheme is to make your room all white. White looks bright and clean, the style that you’re going for. It’s easy to pair different colors of whites with another and have everything match.


Clean Surfaces

If your countertops have too many knickknacks on them, then your style is veering away from minimalist. A true minimalist counter will have no superfluous gadgets and gizmos lying around, and be completely clutter free.

Invest in bathroom cabinets with lots of space so that you can eliminate the need to store anything out in the open.


Rethink Your Layout 

Oftentimes, your bathroom’s layout is getting in the way of being able to create a minimalist style. Maybe it was built a long time ago with more of a traditional bathroom style in mind. You could be cramped, where minimalist style calls for open spaces and simple bathroom design.

Maybe you need to knock down a wall. Maybe you need to paint your walls and get rid of some pieces that are causing clutter. A new sink, stone floors instead of your patterned, busy tile, or large mirrors. It could be a whole number of style elements holding you back from achieving a minimalist look. Ask an expert bathroom designer for help.

At Reico Kitchen & Bath, we can help you think through all the ways that you can get a more minimalist bathroom. Just look at the bathroom gallery of beautiful rooms homes we’ve created, and you’ll find the kind of style you’re looking for.

You’ll feel a burden lift off your shoulders when everything is minimal and streamlined. Talk with our professional consultants to start the process for revamping your bathroom, and get ready for a cleaner, better bathroom area. 


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