Current Kitchen Design Ideas Proven to Make Your Kitchen Happier

When you choose to renovate your kitchen, it’s probably because the space is not making you happy. And if you think about it, that's exactly what a kitchen needs to do. Food makes you happy, and cooking it should, too. A space for family and friends to comfortably gather brings even more joy to the space.  Let’s face it...if your kitchen design is frustrating, outdated, or just not what you want anymore, it could be bringing you down.


At Reico Kitchen & Bath, we want nothing more than for you to adore your kitchen to the fullest. That’s why we’re bringing you good news: what’s popular in kitchen design right now, and what homeowners are renovating most. 


Marbled Quartz Counters

Marbled quartz countertops are having a huge moment in the kitchen design world right now. Marble has always been a staple for a beautiful luxury kitchen. But it’s always been a high budget item. Marbled quartz is letting people in on the marble movement that might not have the room in their budget for pure marble.


The best news?  You’d never be able to tell it’s a less expensive option, looking at the gorgeous countertop in your kitchen. Marbled quartz is an engineered product that you can choose in virtually any color and design to give the appearance of marble. It’s stain resistant, durable, and in a Houzz study was preferred 43 to 34 percent versus granite countertops.


Still Shaker Cabinets

Shaker cabinets are defined by their raised and square frames with center door panels. They’re an extremely popular choice for kitchens because they’re versatile: they can lend to a traditional look or a modern look all at the same time. The clean look can be paired with the particular  type of decor you’re going for, and last for the entire life of your kitchen even if you decide to switch up looks.


Gray Day

Yes, gray is having its heyday in kitchens lately. Feeling gray isn’t a bad thing at all - in fact, gray kitchens are what’s popping up in kitchen lookbooks the most recently and with the most frequency.


Gray gives your kitchen and overall feeling of calm and tranquility. Because it’s neutral, you can add it to a number of appliances, cabinets, and even your walls without it taking over your whole kitchen. Think about adding a gray kitchen island to your space to really up your gray game.


Get Dramatic

Boring, standard lighting fixtures are a thing of the past for kitchens that are trending. Dim kitchens won’t make you happy. Bright, happy and well-lit kitchens are the way to go. 


Big and bold pendant lights are making their way across the kitchen scene. Whether if it’s for your task lighting or your main lighting, adding new light fixtures are the perfect way to test out the trend. They’re easy to update if you want a new look, and they make a wonderful impact if you decide they should stay. Consider adding smart lights to your kitchen that you can operate with your voice or your phone.


If you want a kitchen that is your happy place, contact us today at Reico Kitchen & Bath. We’ll meet with you and discuss all your options for renovation, and give you personalized advice based on your dreams for your kitchen. Don’t delay your kitchen happiness. It’s only a phone call (or an e-mail!) away.

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