Everything You Need to Know About Kitchen Storage for a Remodel

Your kitchen is the center of your home. And what is essential to making your kitchen flow? Organization. Storage space. Efficiency.  When you are doing all your cooking, from prep to table, you want it to be convenient and simple. The only way you’re going to be able to do that is if you have great kitchen storage.


How much storage space do you need? That’s a question to ask the experts at Reico Kitchen & Bath.   “Clients get very excited about storage and organization,” says Celeste Craig, Designer at Reico Kitchen & Bath in Charlotte. “Taking our time going through kitchen storage options and cabinet accessories is an important part of the design process.” 


We’ve divided it up into three areas where you do you main activities in the kitchen.  Here is what you need to know. 


The 3 Main Areas to create Organization through Kitchen Storage

When you’re looking to remodel your kitchen and improve storage, maximizing efficiency is key. Every kitchen has the same basic necessities, and storage must be designed into the space to encourage the most functional workflow.


The Sink Center

Your sink should be centered between your fridge and your range to make your flow the most efficient it can be. Typically your sink gets the most use in the kitchen. Whether it is food prep or meal cleanup, it is important to have it located centrally.


You want the area around your sink available for food prep, which means it shouldn’t be cluttered. That means you’re going to have to create storage for all the items that might have been taking up space there. 


The tips:


  • A pull out trash bin or base waste basket cabinet for easy access to trash and moving scraps. 

  • A door towel rack or tilt out sink tray to hide towels and sponge inside the cabinets. 

  • A well-placed wall or base cabinet for quick transferring of glasses and dishes from the dishwasher, with a cutlery divider in a top drawer for silverware. 

  • A pull out cutting board near sink and trash for quick access during food prep.


Depending on your kitchen size (and your family size too) these cabinets range from 12 to 36 inches wide on the wall and 18 to 48 inches wide bases to fit the need of any family size. 

The Refrigerator Center

In many kitchens, the fridge center is where everything begins. This is where food waits for the prep to start, and keeping it organized saves you time in the end.  Fridge sizing is fairly standard, but if you’re storing a lot of food for a large family, you can get a larger fridge. Consult with your designer to make room for a large fridge in your kitchen.  


Because it’s also where you receive your food, the refrigerator center is often conveniently located very close to the entry point of your kitchen. When you’re taking groceries to and from your house, it’s the most functional place for the refrigerator and of course, your pantry.  


You’ll want these two together  Having your fridge located next to your pantry keeps your food staples close together.  This means less moving back and forth when gathering ingredients. This can also where your larger preparations tools or food presentation items reside, such as mixing bowls, graters, salad bowls, pie plates or whatever you use to cook with most frequently.


The tips:


  • Add pantry storage at least 18” wide and up to 36” if you have the space and build it out with shelves, rollout trays, door organizers or swing out pantry shelves. 

  • Add a full depth 24” deep wall cabinet over the refrigerator.  The full depth makes it easier to access and the larger space allows for storage of larger items, both frequently used (put those towards the front) and less frequently used (plenty of room in the back!). 

The Range Center

Your range center is where the magic happens: the cooking. In a kitchen where flow is being optimized, this is typically closer to the dining room than the rest of the kitchen, so food can be moved and served quickly.  Anything that functions to help prepare and cook your food should be placed centrally in the range area. 


Ovens that have countertop space next to them also help with ease, because they create a space for you to quickly place the items you’re done cooking before they’re moved to their final serving area.


This is also where your pots, pans, utensils, and spices should be most central to. Cooking tools and all your equipment can take up a lot of space and clutter your counters. With the right organization and cabinet accessories, you can easily take them out when you’re cooking and have them already in the place they need to be used.  Creating a cabinet designated just for them can help give you peace of mind.

The tips:


  • Pull out storage specialty cabinets that can house cooking utensils and spices in areas as small as 3” that can house spices up to 9-12” units for cooking utensils or larger baking items.

  • Countertop landing space on each side of your range, both for prep and placing items when they are done. 

  • Deep drawer cabinets that can handle all your pots and pans, or base cabinet with pull out trays that can organize both pots and their lids.  

  • Full height door 9-12” base cabinet designed specially to hold baking pans, cooking sheets and pizza pans. 


When you’re looking to get your kitchen remodeled, new storage should be at the top of your list of priorities.  Since every kitchen and every cook is different, there is much to consider for cabinets accessories and how they can maximize storage and efficiency. Use these tips as a starting off point, and let your designer work with the specifics of your kitchen to get the most well-designed and work-friendly kitchen space there is.


At Reico Kitchen & Bath, we make your renovation easy. Check out even more ideas for storage on our Kitchen Cabinet Accessories  to see even more options that can help you get the most out of your new kitchen and design. 


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