Here's a Step-By-Step Timeline of What Your Kitchen Remodel Might Look Like

You know one thing for sure. You’re finally doing your kitchen remodel. Yes! 


And then, there’s the things you don’t know. Which seems like everything. You’ve looked at all the websites, the Pinterest boards, the magazines and the design shows. You know what kind of kitchen you’ve been wanting for all this time. But how do you make it happen?


Remodeling your kitchen can sound like a daunting process but it doesn’t have to be that way, at least not at every step. The more you talk to your designer, ask questions and understand the specific steps in the kitchen remodel process, the more you will feel at ease with all, most or even some of the steps. At Reico Kitchen & Bath, that’s what we want for your kitchen remodeling project.


Phase 1: Gathering, Design, and Pricing

This planning stage is crucial to the entire process, and should be approached with time and care.  At the same time, this is the stage where you get to dream. You’ve considered this for a long time, looking at your kitchen and thinking what you could improve. Cabinet colors.  Countertop materials. Appliance finishes. A special focal point. A new heart of the home where everyone can gather for the special events or just the day-to-day. Gathering all these design it’s finally time to make it happen.


This is where you’re going to start making the choices for your kitchen remodeling project. What counters do you want?  What cabinets will you choose? Are you getting new appliances or will you reuse your existing ones? This is where dreams and reality often collide.  More importantly, this is where you talk with your designer. They’ll ask you questions, and listen to your design ideas. They will ask you more questions and create a collaborative conversation in order to gain a better understanding for the purpose of your redesign.


You’ll also get down to the numbers when it comes to your project budget, and your subsequent  decisions on products and layout design. The more decisions that can be made on both, the better the estimate you can receive and start to work with. 


Phase 2: Ordering, Scheduling, and Permits

This part of the process is often one of the most difficult.  It can often be described as hurry up and wait. You get so involved making decisions, finalizing details, getting the order placed and wait.  Products can vary from being in stock to taking 8-12 weeks to receive depending on the level of customization and/or product availability. Depending on the area you live in, the construction permits for your kitchen remodel could take around 6-8 weeks to obtain as well.. If your house was built any earlier than 1978, the presence of lead paint could mean that you might have to wait a little longer. 


The good news is that in most cases this is going to be the longest part of your waiting game (and yes Tom Petty was so very right.  The waiting is the hardest part!) You can always contact your designer during this time period as well, and see where the products or permits are at along the process, if they haven’t contacted you already to keep you in the loop.  


Phase 3: Construction, Installation, and Enjoy

This is where you’ll be seeing the actual physical work of the kitchen remodeling process. This timeline can take from 1-5 weeks, depending on the size, scope and what you’ve got going on in your kitchen remodel. If you’re adding a countertop, it can take some additional time as almost every countertop today is properly templated first after the base cabinets are installed.  This ensures a “custom” fit to your exact space and minimizes potential spacing issues. Expect to see carpenters, plumbers, HVAC technicians, or electricians depending on the scale of your remodel. Have a separate area set up as your mini-kitchen to give you some easy go to options and avoid having to eat out every night. Access to a refrigerator, microwave, a crock pot and water if possible can go a long way to giving you some options during the kitchen remodel.  Keep in mind dust as well. No room, no matter how well protected, is impervious to dust’s invasive nature. Survive all that and there’s only one thing left: enjoy your new kitchen.


Here at Reico Kitchen & Bath, we know the step-by-step remodeling process better than anyone. We want to make you feel comfortable, prepared, and excited for the new renovations that are going to be taking place in your kitchen and your home. 


Whatever you need to feel the best that you can feel about your renovation, we’ll work to provide it to you. With decades of experience, we can go over floor plans, timelines, tips and tricks, budgeting concerns, and any questions that you need to throw our way, no matter how big or how small. Contact us today and set your worries at ease.


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