Here's Why You Should Consider 4-by-4-Inch Tile

4-by-4-inch tile is something you’ve definitely seen, even if you’re not aware of it. In its prime, this tile option seemed like the must have and only option. It decked out personal bathrooms to designer and classic kitchens alike. Even corporate offices embraced the design.


After decades, it reigned so supreme that designers started to move away from it to make a statement. For a while, it became overlooked. But there’s a reason that this simple, nostalgic pattern was so popular, and why it’s making its comeback yet again: it just works. No matter where you find the square tiles, they complement every room. Bathroom designers are returning to the staple once more, reminding us that if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.


They’re Nostalgic

There is a good chance you might remember seeing this look in your grandparent’s houses or a childhood bathroom you often used. With that comes a certain nostalgic vibe, a charm that’s difficult to evoke with any other style tile. Now, you can get it in an updated feel that can give you the best of both worlds.


Europe Never Ditched It


While American designers might have briefly strayed away, European designers never stopped using the 4-by-4-inch tile in their designs. Scandinavian modern apartments are still heavily using the style, and cozy English cottages look classic and timeless with the tiles adorning their walls. 


It’s Minimalistic


The 4-by-4 inch tile can be a simple, straightforward look for you if you love minimalism in your style. When you choose to use this tile style in white, it evokes a classic, modern feel that pulls the entire room together. Once you have this style lining your walls, simple hardware and minimal decorations complete the look of the bathroom. Using white for your tiles is a perfect way to keep your kitchen or bathroom monochromatic. The simple shape of the tile allows for geometric additions that really flow together well.

It Lets You Mix it Up

One reason that people are turning back to the 4-by-4 inch tile is because it’s so versatile. While it nods to a vintage style, it can also be worked to give a completely modern vibe. You don’t have to stick to just white with your tiles - you can choose to make them all one color, or even stagger different colors throughout the mix. 4-by-4s can be seen with modern homes, classic, Mediterranean, and Spanish Revival alike.


Subway Tile is Getting Old


When designers strayed from 4-by-4 tile, they started using subway tile. If you’re looking for a classic alternative, this is exactly what you need. Subway tiles tend to be 3-by-6-inches, another look you’ve undoubtedly seen. The 4-by-4 brick tile looks more uniform and gives a great finishing touch.


At Reico Kitchen & Bath, we’ve seen styles come and go. Whether the styles are here know or here to stay, let’s work together on something that is going to look great in your kitchen or your bathroom. If you’re looking for a new style to renovate your kitchen and bathroom with, we can get you from start to finish with just the tile you’re going to love. Don’t delay on a simple kitchen or bathroom fix that’s going to make you so much happier with your space.


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