High Budget Vs. Low Budget: Remodeling Your Bathroom

When you are looking to update your bathroom but you have a budget in mind, it can become more difficult to pick out what aspects you would like to get remodeled. As a result, it typically begs the question none of us really ever want to answer even though we know we must: where should I save, and where should I splurge? 


But that is just the start!  We all recognize the bigger question that everyone who is thinking of remodeling their bathroom wants to know, “How much is this going to cost?” With countless projects and years of experience, here is our take on 5 items in your bathroom you can flex your budget high or low with to determine the option that is right for you and your bathroom remodel.

High Budget versus Low Budget: Tiling

High: No bathroom remodel is complete without adding new tile to the space. When you have a more “flexible” budget, you can get creative with the tiling. Adding custom tiles to your space, and even a backsplash that matches the rest of the decor can create a focal point and stand out in your bathroom.  Unique tiles in the shower or above the vanity can make your bathroom stand out among the rest.


Low: When you are operating on a lower budget, you will have to buy less tile. This does nott have to be a bad thing!  Turn less into more by creating patterns with what you have selected, be it directional or two colors alternating or even one interspersing in an occasional solid color block. Plus, you may not need to remodel the tile in every area.  Focusing on a single area, like a backsplash or shower floor area can make a large impact.

High Budget versus Low Budget: Bathroom Fixtures

High: A standalone bathtub is a luxurious option that works as a quick way to take your bathroom to the next level. A whirlpool bath is the next step up, and really lets you relax in your bathroom in luxury.  Going the stand alone shower route? Fixtures and controls can provide ease of use and temperature control. And don’t get us started on all the options for toilets these days. It is called the throne for a reason! 


Low: The traditional two-in-one shower and bathtub allows you the option of having a bath when you might want one. As far as appliances go, most bathrooms are in need of a new toilet. Old toilets are much less water efficient than new models, and the inclusion of a new toilet really give your area a facelift.  Bonus tip? Go for the comfort height model. You will notice the difference.  

High Budget versus Low Budget: Lighting

High: It’s time to overhaul your dim, flickering ceiling lights once and for all. You can do this with traditional overhead lights, or go all out to really add a visual pop to your bathroom with a chandelier. Adding more windows or putting in a sky light are also options to consider that will open up the room to natural light.  Task lighting at the vanity will make a huge diffference too, as well as lighting for under your vanity cabinets to make it easier to navigate at night without going full bright on the lights. 


Low: If you are fortunate to already have a lot of natural light in your bathroom, you can play with the assets you already have. Open up those windows by adding new drapes or updating the glass. If you don’t have lots of natural light or no natural light, you’re still going to want to add as much natural-looking light as possible. Installing sconces by the mirror is a fairly inexpensive alternative to a complete lighting overhaul, and can add a chic, stylish look to the whole bathroom at the same time.

High Budget versus Low Budget: Bathroom Storage

High: Storage is going to be something you use and need constantly in your bathroom, so it is something to consider allocating a considerable amount of your budget on depending on the space you have. A top complaint among homeowners looking to remodel their bathroom is not having enough space to put all their items, giving their bathroom a crowded or messy look. Adding storage optimized cabinets to your bathroom design can make a world of difference when it comes to replacing the cabinets that you might have had a long time or might have come stock with the bathroom. Pull out-shelves, vanity drawers and functional medicine cabinets make your space more storage friendly and streamlined at the same time.


Low: Updating or adding to your storage space without renovating the area can be difficult, but not impossible.  Replacing a standard 2 door vanity cabinet with a door and drawer combination can help some with storage. Many bathrooms have an open space or just a shallow vanity drawer.  If you find you do not sit at that space, you might consider putting a cabinet in it’s place to immediately increase your bathroom storage. you can give your cabinets new visual life fairly easily by adding a new coat of paint and installing hardware. Adding a cabinet over the toilet could also alleviate some storage woes without drastically altering your spending.

High Budget versus Low Budget: Smart Bathroom Technology

High: When you have a larger budget, you can use smart bathroom technology to your advantage to make your whole space more intuitive. From a smart mirror to faucets that can be automatically adjusted to a set temperature or the addition of heated flooring, smart technology is all about making your bathroom easier to use and enjoy. 


Low: However, not everyone has the budget for a smart bathroom. While smart bathrooms are a nice touch, they’re not absolutely necessary in ensuring that your bathroom model looks and function the way you want it to. Unless there is a smart item you just absolutely have your heart set on, this is often the place to choose to save.  Adding a waterproof television or showerhead with a built in speaker for your favorite shower tunes may be a budget compromise.


At Reico Kitchen & Bath, we can lay out the options you need to consider to create the perfect bathroom for you, all for the budget that you are looking for. We know how important it is to let you know the options available to you for your bathroom remodel. Contact us today, and before you know it you can be enjoying your new bathroom or kitchen. 

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