How Floating Shelves Can Give Your Kitchen or Bathroom an Upgrade

When you’re going into a kitchen remodel, there are some things you already know that you’re going to ask. You want new wooden cabinets and a stainless steel oven. Great. 

But you might not know other certain question to ask until the project is underway. Sometimes, unexpected questions popping out of nowhere are completely unavoidable. Other times, you can ask more trick questions ahead of time so that you won’t be surprised further down the road.

We are all fascinated by the idea of flying, but in the kitchen? While that may not make sense for the kitchen, floating just might. As in floating shelves. In your kitchen. And you'll be on cloud nine when you see how good they look.

Floating shelves can bring both balance and extra space to your kitchen that you didn’t even know was available. Your kitchen isn’t just for cabinets anymore. Break up the pattern, incorporate this budget-friendly option, and decorate your heart out.


How to Decorate with Floating Shelves

Before you bask in the glow of your floating shelves, make sure you’re setting yourself up for success. These space-saving beauties are any easy addition to your kitchen, but planning them out perfectly from the start might save you a lot of trouble.


Line it Up

If you have items you want to put on display in your kitchen but are short on space, floating shelves to the rescue. One way to use your floating shelves is to line them all up linearly so that you make one big long shelf for yourself.

You can add cookware collections to the shelves - it’s both functional and decorative. When you need to reach for a pot or a pan, it’s right there for you. You can also display family heirlooms, cute decorations, or store neatly folded towels.


Go Askew

Asymmetry can bring intrigue to an otherwise lackluster kitchen design. You can choose to stagger your floating shelves on the wall in a deliberate way. They don’t have to be completely lined up, but make sure there’s some structure to the layout. Now you can go ahead and add decor - books, cookware, photos, and whatever you didn’t have room for before. The design will look quaint and unique.


Keep It Simple

While it might be tempting to go all out and decorate your shelves to the brim, we’re here to give you a word of caution. Not only will your kitchen look too stuffed, but it will be much harder to clean. 

Your shelves are definitely going to be a beautiful addition to your kitchen and a great space saver. But don’t go overboard. You’ll double your dusting time, and create a look of clutter. Four to five decorations or items per shelf should be enough.


Stay Neutral

Stick to that color scheme your kitchen already has when you choose decorations for your shelves. One way to make sure you don’t overwhelm the eye is to choose mostly neutral decorations, and then let one or two add that pop of color. Cookbooks or other books with neutral colors also look awesome on shelves.


Repetition Isn't a Bad Thing

If you use the same style of item on one shelf to another, people won’t think you’re out of ideas. In fact, it will make the area look cohesive and well planned out. Choose elements of your kitchen to play off of. If you have wood floors, wooden spoons or decorative items will keep in theme. A blue tile backsplash? Blue bottles, plates, and decor. Don’t be afraid to just simply go with white, either.


Let There Be Light

If you can, add down lights or up lights that spotlight your floating shelves. You can also add pendant lights or wall sconces to spice up the area and draw attention to the beautiful decorations you’ve created.

You don’t have to go it alone when you’re installing floating shelves. Or lighting to add to those shelves. Or any improvement project you’re trying to make to your kitchen. Reico Kitchen & Bath can walk you through everything you need to know and everything you need to do to install floating shelves. Make this the easiest project you’ve ever done and contact them for help.


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