How to Give Your Bathroom a Gorgeous Vintage Makeover

“They don’t make ‘em like they used to,” is something you’ve heard, or probably said yourself if you’ve ever had something break. And in today’s fast moving environment, it’s more true than it has ever been...there is really nothing like the good ol’ days, when things were built to last. Perhaps this nostalgia is one reason why the vintage style is so explosive on the bathroom design scene right now. The past is back in business and truthfully, it’s going to look amazing in your bathroom. Take some pages from vintage design, and create a bathroom that just may never go out of style.


Tile Style

Modern bathrooms have that sleek and simple look, with no room for being eclectic. Your vintage bathroom is a place to let your creativity shine and it all starts with your tiles. Whether it’s flooring or your shower or backsplash, you’re allowed to add color.


Many vintage style-bathrooms have gorgeous tile patterns adorning their floors or walls. Talk with your designer - they’ll likely be excited to do something other than the regular, boring white subway tile. Add color in your tiles, or even consider having custom ones made to really show off your creative side and make your own pattern or picture in your bathroom.  It could even become a real focal point in the process of your bathroom project if you choose. 


The Bathtub

If your bathroom has room for a tub, vintage style is all about the standalone tub. Not only will it play well into your vintage bathroom makeover, but it’s both a statement design piece and luxury move that’s going to really step up your bathroom’s vintage feel and your relaxation levels too.  


Standalone tubs with claw feet can be a focal point of your vintage bathroom. Consider selecting a bathtub that matches the color scheme you’ve chosen for your bathroom. Muted greens or yellows are a perfect inspiration color to bounce off of that you see appear in many vintage style bathrooms.


Pedestal Sinks

There’s nothing like a pedestal sink to transform a bathroom into a vintage dreamland. Before large and cumbersome sinks were a staple, this cute and space-efficient sink was a main bathroom component. Add one into your vintage-style bathroom, and you’re opening up the space in your bathroom.  At the same time, you are creating room to add other vintage decor and storage like open shelving or custom pieces that allow for more bath space.


Lighting, Hardware & More

Your lighting and your other hardware need to all coordinate with your vintage vibe as well. Copper or brass handles for your sink and shower are on theme, and are a fairly simple renovation look to add to your bathroom. Lighting hardware can be selected to match, with globe lights particularly evoking a nostalgic look. Want to really nail the vintage theme?  Consider getting a chandelier to complement your bathroom’s vintage look and feel. 


At Reico Kitchen & Bath, we love the challenge of matching each client to the style of bathroom or kitchen that they love. We’ll ask questions, you will tell us what you’re looking for and together we can discover the design style for the room of your dreams. Even if you don’t know what you’re looking for, we’ve got the expertise to guide you in the right direction. 

Call us today, and in no time you could be looking at a beautiful vintage bathroom in your very own home. In a hurry? Reico Express is there for you, too. If you’ve got a kitchen or bathroom that needs something, we’ve got it.

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