How to Make Your Bathroom Model Totally Feng Shui

Feng shui. You’ve heard it before, but what exactly does it mean? Put very straightforwardly, it’s a collection of rules that dictate the way energy (known as “chi”) flows in a room.  It is also affected by the spatial arrangement of your space. So, what does that mean for your bathroom remodel? It means you want to arrange everything in a way that is the most “favorable,” so the energy flows well throughout the space. 


You don’t want to end up with a bathroom that has a door facing the wrong way or doesn’t flow. When your bathroom is positioned correctly, you’ll notice how much the energy in the room is in sync.  You will notice that your movement and use of the bathroom feels much more effortless.. That’s feng shui.


To get your bathroom remodel feng shui, keep a few simple tips in mind. 

Quick tips for Feng Shui in Your Bathroom

Before we go more in depth on how to make your bathroom remodel more feng shui, there are some simple and easy ways to make sure that you’re creating the best feng shui you can create.


  • Make sure that you always keep the bathroom door closed. You want to keep the energy of the bathroom out of the rest of the room.

  • Always keep the lid of the toilet closed. This maintains a clean atmosphere.

  • Hang a mirror on the back of your bathroom door, as long as it doesn’t face the toilet. This opens up the space to good energy, but not if you can see yourself using the toilet.

  • Keep clutter at an absolute minimum. This is a good rule in general, but it’s not very feng shui to have items scattered around your space.

  • Green or blue is a good rule of thumb for color. Green represents growth and new life, while blue is a cleansing color.

  • Maximize your natural light as much as possible. Natural elements are a great component of feng shui to incorporate throughout your home.

  • Fix broken things, from a faucet to a leaky soap dispenser. Having broken items disrupts the energy in your bathroom.

Location Matters

If you can help it, the bathroom should not be the first room that you see when you enter the house. It also shouldn’t be placed in the very center of the home if at all avoidable. Because bathrooms are seen as a place where you dispose of things, it isn’t a place you want to prominently feature in your house (although you can make your bathroom a place where people want to be!)However, most bathroom remodels don’t involve completely changing the location of the bathroom, so you’ll have to work with what you’ve got.


If your bathroom is located in the southeast or northwest section of your home, you’re in good feng shui shape. Again, this is considered feng shui because bathrooms are viewed as a place where you go to get rid of things, so having it to the side of your living space works well with the flow of a home. To make it even better, add air-purifying plants throughout the space and burn candles in your bathroom.


A bathroom positioned under a staircase tends to have a bad reputation in feng shui. You’ll need to focus on keeping your bathroom bright and clean. Consider asking your designer how you can really play up the look of natural light in your bathroom to combat the negative staircase energy. You can also add extra task lighting and even lighting inside your cabinets.


When you have a bathroom with a door that faces your kitchen, you might want to ask a designer if they can reposition the entryway of the bathroom so that it faces elsewhere. Having two doors that stand opposite each other presents a challenging feng shui location. Make the colors in your kitchen different from the colors in your bathroom, always keep the bathroom door closed, and draw a focal point between the two areas that the eye can focus on.


If you don’t know the location of your bathroom in relation to your house, spend some time learning it and discovering what feng shui options pair the best with your space.

Get in Your Element

The basic principles of feng shui split up the world into five different elements: fire, wood, metal, earth, and water. Water is already present in your bathroom, especially if you’ve gone with a blue theme. 


That’s why adding wood as a featured element throughout your bathroom is one way to add strong feng shui to the space. Consider adding a wooden counter, or featuring wooden tile or a backsplash. 


The earth element can be represented by adding stone detailing to your bathroom, such as a marble sink or bathtub. Fire and water don’t play well together, so burning a candle in your bathroom is enough to keep the elements all balanced. 

Bring in the Luxury

Creating a spa-like feeling for your bathroom helps maximize the feng shui of the room. A peaceful, calm area is just what you want in a feng shui optimized bathroom, and bringing in luxury design elements helps to evoke that feeling.


Treat yourself to some extra amenities, like heated floors, a rain showerhead, or a smart mirror. A quick and easy tip? Always keep a diffuser going with the scent of your choice. Lavender is an easy selection that helps to promote a feeling of calm. If your bathroom allows, a skylight is an excellent option to evoke designer vibes and get the natural light that you’re looking for. 


At Reico Kitchen & Bath, we’re ready to create the most synergistic bathroom space available to you. We’ll work with you to make sure your bathroom is set up to flow well and create the most effortless design possible for you. When you need bathroom or kitchen remodeling, we’re the experts that have been working on rooms just like yours for decades. Call us today to set up an appointment and see what we can do for your home.

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