How To Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Maybe you get your energy bill each month and are left scratching your head about why it’s so high. Or maybe you know exactly what in your home is sapping all that power. Either way, it’s about time to take the steps to save power, and save yourself from that steep energy bill. 


Get Enlightened

Your lightbulbs could be one culprit of a hefty electricity bill. LED light bulbs use anywhere from 25%-80% less energy than incandescent light bulbs you may not have yet replaced. You can see how the lightbulbs you’re using measure up by consulting this chart, and see how much money you could be saving.


Seal Your Windows

Why doesn’t your house retain that AC that you blast, or how come it can’t keep in the heat? Your home might have air leaks that are letting out the controlled temperatures. Drafty windows and cracks in the drywall can cause warm air to seep in or out. Patching up all those leaks and cracks is a simple yet effective way to lower the amount of energy you’re using. Inspect your windows thoroughly and consider adding weather stripping to the frames if they need it.


Plant a Tree

We know you already know the obvious - not using your AC as much can save you money on your electricity bill. Duh. But sometimes on particularly sweltering days, it’s unavoidable. You can help cool down your house by planting trees with heavy foliage that help block out the sun. During the winter, when the branches are bare, more heat will be allowed through. Deciduous trees planted on the west side of your home are the most effective in blocking the sun.


Update Your Bathroom

Your old toilet consumes a large amount of the total water used in your house - up to 40%. When you replace with a modern toilet, you can save thousands of gallons of water per year. You can also invest in a low-flow showerhead that will stop wasting water when you take a shower.


Turn Your Gadgets Off

You may not even realize that some of your gadgets are costing you power. From something as small as leaving your phone plugged in when it’s already reached 100% charge, extra energy could be wasting. Plugged in coffee makers, printers, and microwaves all require power even when they’re not being actively used. Your desktop computer you keep running all day is costing you as well. When you add up all these little things, you could save a significant amount.


Install Solar Panels

This is obviously a more pricey consideration, but will end up paying off in the long run. Not only do you get to gather some of your home’s energy from the sun, but you’re actually increasing the real estate value of your house. Houses with energy efficient upgrades sell much more quickly on the market than those without.


Buy Energy Efficient Appliances

And old refrigerator could be the elephant in the room that’s hogging all the power of your house. A new fridge could save you up to $160 a year if you have a fridge that was made before 1986. Other appliances like your old dishwasher and microwave might be wasting your energy if they’re not updated for energy efficiency as well.

Not only is it eating all your energy, an old fridge is an eyesore for your home. Get a new refrigerator in order to update the whole look of your kitchen.


If you think your bathroom toilets or your kitchen appliances are adding to your electricity woes, contact Reico to discuss your concerns. Let us give you some personalized tips on how to improve the energy efficiency of your kitchens and bathrooms, areas which consume the majority of your electricity and water bills. You’ll notice a big difference once you switch.

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