How to Solve Your Common Small Bathroom Problems

You know the feeling all too well: you’re in your bathroom, and you barely have room to turn around without rubbing against or knocking something over. Ugh. The cramped space nightmare has to end: your bathroom is just too small.


This is a common problem across the board for many homeowners. A bathroom without space and storage is a frustrating experience, and at Reico Kitchen & Bath, we’re here to make it better. Here’s some of the common bathroom problems you’re probably experiencing, and here’s how to fix them.


No Space for a Shower and a Tub

You want a separate shower, and a tub? Ha - you might think your tiny bathroom is laughing at this idea. But we’ve got news for your small bathroom. You might just be able to have it all.


The answer is wet-room floors. A wet-room-and-bath allows your shower to seamlessly blend with the rest of your bathroom, because the water just drains to your wetroom floor. You don’t have to make room for a shower enclosure, because your entire bathroom is the shower enclosure. In addition, there’s always the tried and true shower and bath combination, but the wet-room floors add a luxurious touch that can’t be parallelled. 


Small Floorspace

When you feel like there’s no room to stand in your small bathroom, it’s because there’s a small footprint. You’ve squeezed a toilet, a shower, sink, and cabinets into your space.


A space-creating solution is to bring those things up off of the floor. A floating sink can create room for you to put your feet where you want to put your feet.  Suspended or “floating” cabinets can also be a huge help in broadening your bathroom’s footprint by making the space look more open. 


No Storage

This is arguably the worst challenge that can happen to your bathroom - no storage space! When there’s nowhere to put all your stuff, your bathroom looks busy, cluttered and altogether untidy. Give a hard look around your bathroom though and you might just discover unused space you could be taking advantage of by turning into storage.


Build a recessed shelf into your shower wall and you’ve suddenly got room for those shampoo bottles that were just sitting around the shower floor or tub deck. The wall space above your toilet? If it’s open, add shelves or a cabinet. You weren’t using that space before, but now it’s helping expand your bathroom’s storage and footprint.  .


No Natural Light

A bathroom that’s small and has bad lighting is a one-two punch combination that no one wants. Dim and ineffective lighting can make your bathroom seem smaller than it actually is. You’ll feel gloomy about your small bathroom if it’s gloomy. So it’s time to lighten things up!


Make sure you have task lighting for the sink and the shower. LED downlights can brighten up your whole space easily, and look natural while doing it. If you don’t have the luxury of a window, you want to focus on keeping the lighting bright, white and as close to natural as you can get. If it’s an option in your home and maybe more importantly your budget, adding a skylight can lighten up your bathroom and make it appear instantly bigger.


You’re literally one phone call away from fixing your small bathroom frustrations once and for all. When you contact us at Reico Kitchen & Bath, we get excited. Because that means there’s someone we get to collaborate with to create a bathroom they feel good about and may just include everything they’ve been wishing for. We work with you step by step to analyze all your bathroom problems, and find a solution for each one. Ready to get that dream bathroom? We’re ready to help.

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