Kid-Friendly Bathroom Remodel Ideas

There are so many reasons out there that you might want to remodel your bathroom. Perhaps it is just because it is old, or maybe you need to consider an aging in place strategy. Some people simply want bigger bathrooms, or want to add smart technology to their room. But when you have kids and a bathroom that does not do a good job accommodating them, it may be that renovating your bathroom isn’t something you just really want to do but a project you might actually need to do.

Just because you are renovating to create a kid-friendly bathroom, it does not mean you will not be able to love your new bathroom too. Here is your chance to create a bathroom that the whole family will love and that meets everyone’s needs. The good news is that you are just a few steps away from getting that kid-friendly bathroom solution that you’ve so clearly been missing.

Create Storage in a Kid-Friendly Bathroom

If you have kids, you know that it’s difficult to keep your bathroom clean from lots of clutter. That’s why when you are renovating a bathroom for kids, one of the most important things you can do is talk with your designer about how to increase your storage capacity.


Consider adding more vanity cabinets to your existing space, especially if you have open room on your walls where you might be able to build custom cabinets or drawers. When you have to stick more tightly to a budget, even adding open shelves to free space on your walls can help you open up more storage space for your area. Bathrooms that do not already have an undermount sink might also benefit from extra storage space that the built-in cabinets will be able to provide. 


The simple idea of adding a niche into your shower also gives your kids a place to put their shampoo, conditioner, and other bath accessories without just lining them up on the side of the tub or messily in the bottom of the shower. With a shower wall niche you can place your accessories neatly in the recession and not worry about spills or untidiness. 


When it comes to cleaning supplies, it is important to make sure that your cleaning products and other hazardous products have a special storage area that’s locked, or placed where your kids can’t reach them.

Step it Up in a Kid-Friendly Bathroom

Your little kiddos might have a hard time reaching the sink to brush their teeth or wash their hands. Of course, a great solution to make your bathroom more kid-friendly is to get them a bathroom safe step stool so they can get a boost.  And if you follow the advice of the previous point, you will plan for how to store it as well. 


Building a step-stool into your vanity is another, sleeker option for you. Ask your designer about adding a pull-out block at the bottom of your vanity that your kids can use when they need to reach the sink, and that you can easily stow away when it is not in use to reduce clutter.

The Bigger the Sink the Better in a Kid-Friendly Bathroom

When you’re brushing your child's teeth or brushing your teeth with your kids, you know it takes up a lot of room in the bathroom.  Just jockeying for good position can create its own problems. A double basin can really help multiple people (of all sizes) brush their teeth at the same time.  It also can add ample amounts of vanity countertop space for you to place your toothbrush and other hygiene tools. 


Of course, if you have a small bathroom and lots of kids trying to fit inside of it, having a big sink might not be much of an option for you. It’s still important to do your best and work with your designer to get a sink with the most counter space possible in this instance, with the goal of being able to accomodate the most people at once.

Beef up the Backsplash to protect your Kid-Friendly Bathroom

Bathrooms with drywall in them are not as much of an issue for a room that just adults are going to be using. But because your kids might be splashing around a lot or spraying water in the sink when they wash their hands, adding a backsplash behind your sink not only can give you a more aesthetic look, it can add a layer of protection and prevent your walls from getting moldy or mushy over time.  Plus, it’s going to be nice to look at! Consider this when thinking of the tile in your bathroom as well.

Always think Safety First in a Kid-Friendly (or any) Bathroom

Adding smart technology to your home can be a way to safeguard your kids against burning themselves with water that hasn’t been adjusted to the proper temperature. You can add anti-scald systems to your entire room, and get a showerhead where you can have the desired temperature already pre-set. Some faucets even use LED lights to signal that the water is too hot to touch.


Easier-access bathroom products might also be a necessity depending on the age of your children. If you have a tub, think about getting one that has a graduated step or an easy access basin, so your kids don’t have a dangerous or difficult time getting in or out. You can also invest in toilets for children that are only 12 inches off the floor, making the bathroom more accessible. Lower counters might also be something you want to look at, so your kids don’t have to reach unsafely for things out of their way.  Mind you all of these may have a limited life span as your children get older, so you keep that in consideration as well. 


More timelessly, consider non-slip materials as an important and essential element in the safety of your bathroom. Research and test tile out as best you can before you install it to see if it gets particularly slippery when wet.  Install slip-proof adhesives on rugs and the shower or tub. Grab bars can help prevent slipping and falling.


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