Kitchen Island Shapes to Fit Any Kitchen

Kitchen Island Shapes to Fit Any KitchenYou can have your island getaway...all from within the comfort of your own kitchen. Break out the piña coladas, throw on your sandals, and don’t forget your shades. It’s kitchen island time.

Almost every kitchen layout allows for the possibility of a little (kitchen) island getaway... All you need is some good design work.


Alternative Shapes for a Kitchen Island

A kitchen island is a game changer. You can prep your food. You can serve your food. You can store food. It’s an added bonus to your whole setup.

Your number one rule is to make sure it doesn’t interrupt the rythym, flow and circulation of your kitchen.. You want a path that’s easy to follow. If you can have that, you can have a successful kitchen island.



Let your island bend out into the rest of the room to open up room in your kitchen. You’ll still get your prep space, but you’ll be able to walk around in your kitchen despite all the countertop space you just added. You might also be creating more room for seating.


Subtle Bend

This shape is for people’s kitchens who might not have had too much trouble fitting an island, but have one problem spot. Maybe your kitchen is fairly accommodating and has a large section available for an island.

But maybe one jutting cupboard or turn in the wall breaks up that flow of your kitchen. Putting an island there wouldn’t work. So, just allow the kitchen island to curve with the shape of the wall in a bend. You can allow it so subtly bend at spots that might be a problem in your kitchen.



An L-shaped kitchen island allows you to open up more of your kitchen while still giving yourself lots of space. This is great for a large, functional kitchen that needs a little bit of an add-on. 

You can also think about recessing a wall in order to make room for an island that you might not have been able to fit before. If your kitchen allows for it, you can build backward into your wall to give more space.


Bar Add-On

These are great for kitchens that are too small to make a successful island without cramping the entire space. A bar addon attaches to your counter, a little lower than the counter itself. You can place seats there and really open up the area to additional places to host. A little extra attached counter goes a long way for prep work as well.



You can do a hexagon. You can do a pentagon. You can do whatever you need to do to make it fit inside your kitchen. All islands don’t have to be square or rectangle, because all kitchens aren’t square or rectangle.

If you’re ready for a place to prep all your food and make your party hosting a whole lot easier, you’re ready for a kitchen island. And at Reico Kitchen & Bath, we can work with your kitchen to make sure that you’ve got just the shape that’s going to work with the flow of your kitchen. Still, if you know for a fact that no matter the shape, an island just won’t cut it in your kitchen, we can work with that too. Island or no island, we can still create a little paradise in your kitchen.


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