Kitchen Renovation Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

Some tips to minimizing the stress of kitchen remodeling.

Kitchen remodel.

What do those two words make you think of? Well, obviously, they make you think you’re getting a new kitchen. But you might also associate them with lots of stress, lots of worry, and lots of indecision. 

At Reico Kitchen & Bath, we understand how easily you can feel overwhelmed when planning for your kitchen renovation. We also understand the process and how we can ease that stress. Here are some top things to avoid when you remodel your kitchen, so you can breathe more easily.


Not Thinking of Appliances

Appliances are something you should think of first, not as an afterthought. Afterall, appliances are the workhorse of your kitchen. If you think you’ve got appliances in the bag, think twice. In addition to performance, you’ll want to study the color, style, and size of the appliances you want first thing. When you’ve decided that, your decisions on other kitchen details should fall into place much more easily.


Not Getting a Kitchen Expert

When you decide that you’re going to go through your remodel alone, it’s probably a matter of budget that influenced your decision. No matter how good at DIY you are, it’s always a smart idea to bring in a kitchen design expert before you start planning your project. They will inevitably know things you don't and notice aspects of your kitchen that can be improved, many of which you likely would have never thought of by yourself. If you want your kitchen remodel done right, bring in a designer. You’ll save yourself the money later by not having to re-do the room.


Not Planning for Storage

One of the number one overlooked things time and time again in a kitchen remodel is the importance of storage. Storage features like pantry pullouts, lazy susans, cabinet expansions, and extra add-ons are so detailed that people might not think about them. But when you actually start to use your kitchen and it feels cramped for space or awkward, you’ll see why you should have started there. Planning for storage early on during your kitchen renovation instead of after will save you money and stress. You can never have too much storage!


Sacrificing Your Counter Space

Don’t think you can skimp on your counter because you want to create room elsewhere. If you have to choose between your counter and some other space element, choose the counter space. As long as you keep your walkways clear and moveable, you’re always going to appreciate more counter space. More counter space room gets you more room for preparation, entertaining, and eating. 


Protecting your Space

During your remodel, things tend to get a little messy. If you prepare only your kitchen for the remodel, you might regret it later. Dress your other rooms with paint protection. You can use sheets or get plastic sheeting to place on your furniture, or hang up between rooms.


Give us a call at Reico Kitchen & Bath to see all your kitchen (and bathroom!) renovation could bring you. Don’t risk it and end up with something you regret. You'll notice the Reico difference in your renovation...and your stress level! 

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