Kitchen Renovation Must Haves for People Who Love to Cook

“Anyone can cook.” - Ratatouille. While that might be true, it’s hard to cook when your kitchen isn’t everything you want it to be.  Not everyone has a good cooking kitchen.


Maybe everything is laid out in a way that makes it difficult to maneuver around. You could be missing a great oven or other kitchen goodies that you’ve always dreamed about having.  It’s making it so you can’t create what you want to make! You deserve a kitchen that lets you create anything you want, and Reico Kitchen & Bath can give it to you. Here are some ideas to help:


Storage, Storage, Storage

You have an insta pot, you have a wok, you have a toaster oven, a blender, a juicer. You name it, you’ve got it. But do you have room for it?


Ask a kitchen design expert how you can incorporate more storage into your specific kitchen. Adding renovated cabinets with slide-outs can really take your kitchen game to the next level. 


If you have a kitchen island, deck it out with storage. Adding open shelving to the end of your kitchen island can be a life (and space!) saver when it comes to finding a place to store all your extra pots and pans. If you have space for a kitchen island and don’t have one already, then that might be the single move that will get you the most bang for your buck when it comes to adding storage to your kitchen.


A Heavy Duty Hood

If you know your fish and your meat dishes, you know that they need to be cooked at very high temperatures to get them perfectly seared. For your kitchen to handle that, consider adding a kitchen hood. Cooking those dishes can emit a lot of smoke and smells, and regular hoods won’t stand up to the heat and the smoke. Consider a stainless steel hood to make a kitchen that a famous chef might envy.


A New Fridge

Maybe your fridge isn’t cool enough for all you envision for your kitchen. You want to store all that food you’re serving up for a party or for dinner, but you don’t have the space. Think about getting a new refrigerator for your kitchen. You might even think about getting a commercial fridge, which offers the storage capacity of a regular unit but usually comes without shelves in the doors or crisper drawers. That way you have more room to store everything.


Custom Shelves

You can add custom shelves to your kitchen for less of the price than you might think. Ask your designer to make the shelves match the rest of your kitchen, and blend in with the kitchen cabinets you already have. When you add custom shelves, build them around the needs of your kitchen. Need them for extra storage space for dry goods or more places to store items?  Design them to exactly how you want them used.  


Marble Countertop on a Budget

If you imagine a fancy chef’s kitchen, you’ll probably envision marble countertops somewhere in that space. If you have the budget to put one in, a marble countertop can be a surefire way to punch up the look of your kitchen. However, if it’s absolutely not in your budget, you can top with other materials that offer the look of marble with greater performance for much less money.


Wine Storage

Finally, there’s nothing that says you’re a great cook quite like wine storage built right into your kitchen. Regardless of the size of it, a built in wine rack adds an elegant look to your whole kitchen. You can also add a wine fridge if you want to go the extra mile.


Here at Reico Kitchen & Bath, we don’t want to just remodel you kitchen or your bathroom. We want to remodel the kitchen or bathroom of your dreams. The best part about finishing a home remodel is seeing how much you love the new room you’re stepping into. Contact us today to receive our expert care and opinions about how to get just the kitchen for you if you love to cook. We’re ready to get cooking, are you?


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