Luxury Design Features You'll Definitely Want to Have in Your Kitchen

Your kitchen should be a place where you go to have fun. After all, eating food is one of the most universally enjoyed things in the entire world. When you’re going into your kitchen, you’re either making a meal for yourself, making a meal for a loved one, cooking for a party - you’re sharing something you love with other people.


Why not do that in a dream kitchen when you’re doing all that cooking? It’s not worth it to wait. You’re cooking every day, so you should cook somewhere you love every day. At Reico Kitchen & Bath, we’re in the business of making dream kitchens. It’s not as hard or frightening as you might think, and we have the expertise and calmness to get you there. 


So let’s have some fun!  Here’s some amazing additions and ideas you can consider for your kitchen that will easily elevate it from a regular kitchen into something you absolutely love.


A Larder

If you don’t know what a larder is, then get ready. This is a cold room that stores your fruits, vegetables, and preserves at the perfect temperature of 58 degrees. It’s basically a fancy temperature controlled pantry that can make your kitchen feel like it’s straight out of a resort. can also keep your wine perfect in it.


Grow Room

Adding a grow room to your kitchen is a unique and beautiful choice that really wows. Grow all your herbs right in your actual kitchen. You don’t have to take a trip to the store or even out to your garden anymore when you’re letting them grow into your kitchen. It’s like a wine fridge for your greens!


Smart Faucets

If a recipe calls for two and a half cups, you usually had to measure it out into your measuring cup. When you get a smart sink, you’re never going to need a measuring cup ever again. You can ask it to pour however much you need, and it will measure it out and pour. It will also accurately measure water temperatures with the touch of a dial.


Smart Lighting

If you get a smart sink, you’ve got to consider smart lighting as well. Control the lights in your kitchen from an app, turning them on and off remotely or by voice if needed. They also offer lighting “moods” for you to choose from. Looking for lighting to entertain in?  You’ve got it. Need a different lighting setting because you just want to chill out? You’ve got that too! Smart lighting’s got mood lighting for it all.


Smart Storage

Upping the storage game in your kitchen is always going to have a huge impact on the ease with which you use it. Being organized makes your entire kitchen experience much more enjoyable. Adding extra storage often isn’t too difficult, but can be revolutionary in terms of how you organize and work in your kitchen. Corner cupboards, pull-out drawers, and rotating shelves make all the difference.  And that’s just the start...


See something that caught your eye?  Give Reico Kitchen & Bath a call. We’re ready and waiting to create that dream kitchen that you deserve.  You need help figuring out what exactly it will take to get your kitchen to dream status.  Don’t worry. We can consult with you and give you expert advice about exactly what will make the most stunning additions to your space. Completely loving your kitchen is really only a phone call away.

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