Must Haves for Your Master Bathroom Remodel

You’ve got your toilet, you’ve got your shower, and you’ve got your sink. Technically, that means that you’ve got yourself a bathroom. But, especially with a master bathroom, there are so many more options that you can choose to really make it your own. At Reico Kitchen & Bath, we know bathrooms. And we really know what to add to your master bathroom to transform it into something special.


Give yourself a fresh start by getting a new master bathroom that is designed and decked out with exactly what you need to make your home feel like a getaway. What will it take to do just that? Here are a few elements that you absolutely can’t go without.


A Double Sink for your Master Bathroom

It might seem obvious that a double sink is a must for a master bathroom remodel, but a surprising amount of bathroom remodels go the single sink route.  Do leave yourself vulnerable to another bathroom remodel somewhere in your immediate future. Give yourself the vanity sink and countertop space you need now and spring for the two basins so you and your partner can use the sink simultaneously, and not get in each other’s way.


A Roomy Shower for your Master Bathroom

Continuing on the theme of maximizing space with your must-have double sinks, having enough space in your shower is another key element to making yourself happy with your master bathroom remodel. This little getaway space is one of the most important areas of the bathroom, so why be cramped when you are inside of it?  Give yourself more space in your shower.  One of the easiest ways is to consider a seamless shower instead, where you don’t need a shower door to take up space. This is also known as a curbless shower, and you can ask your designer if your bathroom is a good fit.


Good Counter Space for your Master Bathroom

Your vanity top for your sinks is the area of the bathroom that takes a lot of use and clutter from your day in and day out routine. This is where the hairdryer rests, the toothbrushes sit, makeup comes and goes, and hair products live. Because this is the working space of your bathroom, a heavy-duty, easy to clean material like engineered quartz is a great option for your master bathroom. Not only is is low maintenance, it can be chosen in many different colors and fits in every bathroom.


Where it is possible, creating extra working counter space can also save you a lot of headaches in the future. Consider if it is possible to extend your vanity top beyond what you already have for extra room to store your items and organize multiple things you need to use for your morning routine. If you want to make cleaning even more of a cinch, stay away from countertops that include grout in the design.


Proper Ventilation for your Master Bathroom

This probably isn’t the first thing you’re thinking about when you’re flipping through the design books and looking for inspiration. But if you give your bathroom remodel a complete makeover and you don’t include good ventilation, you might find yourself slowly getting steamed up over the missed opportunity.  


Especially if your master bathroom is right next to your closet, it is essential that you find a system that will rid the air of excess moisture. It potentially will make your clothes damp, your paint peel and over time, a bad ventilation system can also cause mold to grow. You’re actually risking your health by choosing a cheaper or relying on your current system, and damaging the entire structure of your bathroom by allowing it to stay wet for too long.


The Right Lighting for your Master Bathroom 

You can design your dream bathroom with everything in the right place, but literally be left in the dark by poor lighting. No master bathroom remodel is complete without adding bright, natural light to the entire space. Perhaps you need to employ the services of an electrician to completely renovate the lighting in your master bathroom, or simply add some task lighting to add dimension and clarity to already decent lighting. Ceiling fixtures are priority number one in a bathroom’s lighting, especially if the bathroom doesn’t have windows in it to add natural light. If you have the budget and really want to go for it, a skylight can make an impressive addition to any master bathroom upgrade.


A Powerful Heating System for Your Master Bathroom 

There is nothing that fills you with quite as much anticipation as having to wait for the water in your shower to get hot, all while you are turning freezing cold. You might be in need of a tankless water heater or an overhaul to your existing system. That way, you can have effortlessly warm showers without having to wait. To really turn up the heat, you can also consider adding heated flooring to your master bathroom.  Or go a little simpler and install heated towel racks.


Linen Closet Access for Your Master Bathroom

If your space is large enough to include a linen closet, this update will make a night and day difference in the convenience of your master bathroom. Being able to quickly grab a towel right out of a cabinet in your own bathroom allows you to pick one up right after your shower, so you can stay warm and dry without having to walk across the hall or to another room. If you do not have the space adding storage solutions to your vanity cabinets, be it under the sink or in drawers, can be a great alternative.


Bonus Point: A Tub for Your Master Bathroom

Having a tub in your master bathroom is not always a must have, and oftentimes homeowners who are lacking space have to make the decision between a shower and a tub. If you do have the luxury of including a tub and you’re making your dream master bathroom remodel, getting a freestanding tub can really bring the entire space together and showcase a truly luxurious area.


Your dream master bathroom is only a simple phone call away. Contact us today to get started with a master bathroom remodel that you are going to love for years to come. Take your time in the process, so we can help you decide between the maybes and the must haves and create a master bathroom design just for you. At Reico Kitchen & Bath, we can’t wait to get started on that project that you’ve been thinking about for years.

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