One Study Reveals The Most Anticipated Bathroom Design Trends

When you sell your home, the expected ROI on a bathroom remodel is a whopping 70 percent. On top of that, remodeling your bathroom just makes you feel good! The average person spends almost 2 hours going to the bathroom per week, and that does even account for bath or shower time. That adds another 90 minutes.


When you spend that much time in one place, why wouldn’t you make it look nice better and more functional? Keeping up with trends in the market keeps you feeling fresh and updated in a place where you spend a surprising amount of time. Here’s a few of the top things that are on the rise.


The 2019 Bathroom Design Trends Study

In this study, the National Kitchen and Bath Association conducts an annual market analysis of bathroom design trends. The results of this study lets us know the most popular features of bathrooms this year, and shows what’s most likely going to keep on trending for at least the next three years to come.


Right now, the bathrooms products most anticipated involve technology. The hottest trend right now? Temperature or thermostat smart control. Want the perfect shower or bath temperature? You can control it with an app or a built in sensor that lets you know the exact water temperature! 57 percent of people were excited about this type of technology.


Water conservation technology is also a huge trend. Apps and products with internet connectivity help signal what’s being a water waster in the bathroom, and provide solutions to put waste to an end. Leak detection and occupancy sensors help this way, and in general the majority of newer fixtures help to save water. Digital shower valves are also allowing for conservation of water. 


Smart mirrors and smart TVs in bathrooms are also popping up everywhere. When you look in your mirror in the morning and it tells you the weather, you are one step closer to figuring out how you should dress for your day. 


Contemporary and transitional were the most popular styles to renovate a bathroom. From master bathrooms to powder rooms and every bathroom in between, for the next few years these two styles are anticipated to continually top the charts for most popular.  


At Reico Kitchen & Bath, we’ve been anticipating bathroom trends for decades. With that much experience in bathroom remodeling, we can offer some good ideas for what’s going to work in each bathroom and just importantly, what’s not going to work. If you have a trend you really want to try but aren’t sure about, we’re ready to give you our professional opinion.


You never have to face a bathroom design choice you’re going to end up regretting when you ask us to help. Bathroom design trends are our forte, and we want to give you your dream bathroom. There’s no reason not to call.

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