Preparing for the Impact of A Remodel

A remodel can see out of reach. You want to improve your kitchen or your bathroom. But you don’t know any of these details. And you’re worried about the impact it will have in your home while the remodel is going on. Sound familiar?

Reico Kitchen & Bath can help you learn more about what to do and the ways to prepare yourself for your remodel. You’ll learn the steps of the process from the very start to the very finish. And you’ll be able to mentally and physically prepare more effectively. When you know how to do that, you’ll be able to reduce your stress level.

Remove Yourself

To prepare for the impact of a remodel, it might be best to remove yourself from the situation for a little while if you feel like you’re going to be particularly prone to stress about the situation. If you know you’re someone who doesn’t deal well if your home seems like it’s in disorder, think about going on vacation while the remodeling is taking place. If that isn’t an option, plan to have dinner parties at your friends’ houses or plan extra outings.

Expect the Unexpected

You do the research. You’re told everything you need to know about the timeline of your remodel. But then they’re working on your home and it starts pouring rain. A part is on backorder. The power goes out. All number of things could still happen to put a wrench in your timeline, so be prepared for the worst to happen, and then things can only get better from there.

Establish your Schedule

Talk with your design and construction partners before they start. They can keep you informed, and by keeping a line of communication open between you and them, you won’t be as taken by surprise if something goes wrong. You can also inform them of your own schedule, and when you might want to be eating dinner or be home for the day

The Logistics

There’s going to be a lot of foot traffic in and out of your home with a remodel going on. Establish paths that you prefer people would use, and make sure it’s the easiest way to access the room undergoing innovation. Storage areas might also need to be created, and covers should be put over furniture or anything that you’re worried about collecting dust.

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