Should I Stay or Should I Go: Is it Time to Renovate, or Move?

It’s a question you’ll ask yourself through your life: should I get a new car or fix the one I have? Should I get new shoes or repair these ones? And, with your home: should I remodel, or should I move?

This is perhaps the biggest decision of them all. Thinking about the state of your home can make you feel confused, and end up doing nothing at all. If you want to make a change and are ready to make a move in one direction or the other, weigh your pros and cons.


Reasons for Moving

If you’re thinking of moving, there are a few factors that you just can’t renovate. Like the location of your home. If you live somewhere other than where you want to live, then there’s no amount of renovation that can fix that.

Think about the timeline of your move. If there’s a lot going on in your season of life, then you might want to put it off or go through a remodel instead. The process of looking for a new house can be more draining than you might expect, and can take much longer than a simple remodel.

You also can’t renovate the location of family members. If you’re moving because of wanting to be close to family, then renovating is probably not the path you want to go down.

However, if you’re thinking of moving because you don’t like your current home’s layout, then count up the cost. Moving is more expensive than just buying a new house. You have to consider mover fees, pre-sale repairs, realtor fees, closing costs, home makeovers, or possibly breaking a lease.

The home that you move to might also not make you happy. You could spend a long time searching for something that you just can’t find. The worst thing to happen would be to move into a new home because you didn’t want to remodel, and end up remodeling anyway. 


Reasons for Remodeling

That’s why you’d want to remodel the place that you already have. You can remodel to your exact preferences, instead of having to shop around for precisely what you’re looking for in a home, whether it’s an open-layout kitchen, walk-in shower and bath, or completely redesigned area.

It’s also much more cost effective than moving. It might be just one thing about your home that you’re tired of. That’s much easier to fix than scrapping the whole thing altogether. 

Chances are you’ve probably lived in your home for some time and built up a community there. With moving, you’ll have to think about making new connections all over again. 

Remodeling doesn’t have to be a hassle. At Reico Kitchen & Bath, we want to give you a home that you love, without having to move from a place that you love. Want a new and updated kitchen in your familiar home? We can give you all the vision and advice to create a beautiful home just for you, that you’d never be able to find on the market.


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