Super Detailed Questions About Your Kitchen

You know the big things you want for your kitchen. You’re getting new cabinets and fingerprint resistant black stainless steel kitchen appliances. Those are the big steps, and you can’t wait. 


Before you go charging full speed ahead, you’ll need to stop and think of the little things that go into your kitchen remodel. At Reico Kitchen & Bath, we know all the details you need to consider when it comes to the nitty gritty questions about kitchen remodeling. We want you to be as prepared as you possibly can so your own remodel goes off without a hitch and you can love your kitchen again. By asking specific questions right away, you’re setting yourself up to avoid any renovation surprises. Here’s what to ask.\


How Should Your Drawers Open?

Getting new kitchen cabinets can freshen up the look of your kitchen quicker than almost any other remodel. But when you’re adding new hardware or knobs to cabinets, you might run into an unexpected issue: how should they open?


If your cabinets are getting additional pull outs or now open in different directions, make sure they’re not opening into a place that could potentially make using  them or other cabinets around them difficult. You want proper clearance and don’t want them to hit anything else to make sure you’re able to navigate your kitchen if a drawer or cabinet is open. 


Also think about where to actually put handles. If your cabinet handles are too high, you might be reaching awkwardly up for them for years to come. Placement of hardware is important, making sure that it’s comfortable and visually consistent with all the other hardware in your kitchen.


What’s My Perfect Fixture Finish?

Sure, you’ve got your materials figured out for your counters and appliances. Maybe even your faucet and cabinet hardware too.  But there’s one more very detailed step: the finish.


You can get your kitchen fixtures in various finishes, like brushed, gold-tone, or brass. You can get a silver-tone finish to blend into a white kitchen, but still give off a nice sheen. Gold finishes add more warmth to your kitchen. To make sure you’re getting a cohesive look for your kitchen, it’s usually a safe bet to get all your appliances from the same manufacturer. Ask your designer what finish they think would function best with your other kitchen choices.


Countertops get a finish as well. Putting sealant on your stone countertops might make the color appear darker than it did before. Honed finishes have a more toned down look, and polished stone will give you more of a shiny, reflective vibe. 


Building Code

It’s essential to understand the rules of your local building codes before you start a remodel. You don’t want to plan out your dream kitchen just to learn that it’s against local guidelines that you’re allowed to have in your home.


This is particularly critical when any structural changes are being considered, or if it might include moving gas lines or other utilities.  It can get as detailed as knowing exactly what type of hood fan you should use to vent properly, or where your microwave can be placed. There may even be structural necessities that are unique to your area, like earthquake-safe measures. 


How Will Your Sink Mount?

This is an under-asked question that often comes up in the remodeling process, because it’s not something you typically think about. Do you want an undermount sink, or a drop-in sink? 


Undermount sinks lay flush with the countertop, so sweeping crumbs or waste into the basin might be more simple than the conventional drop in sink. Thinking about this design choice before you start is important, though, because proper clearance is needed during installation for certain setups and spaces.


Contact us at Reico Kitchen & Bath today to get started with your kitchen renovation. We are ready to answer any questions you might have about the details of your remodel!  Not only are we ready to answer, we will ask questions that help you make decisions and get everything just right. It’s time to get started on the kitchen remodel of your dreams.

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