Take Advantage of Smart Home Technology in Your Renovation

In the United States, 96 percent of people own a cell phone. When it comes to your home, that’s 96 percent of the United States that could be using smart home technology to their advantage. But because it’s on the cutting edge of technology, not as many people recognize all the incredible things you can do with smart technology in your kitchen and bathroom.


When you’re about to remodel your kitchen or your bathroom, it’s a perfect opportunity to take advantage of smart technology. Only 11 percent of homeowners aged 50 and above have smart home technology, but a sizeable number would want it in their homes. 


When studying those who worked with smart home tech renovations, it all pointed to one thing: this technology is going to be huge for the remodeling industry. Takeaways from the Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies’ Remodeling Futures Program delve further into that point.


  1. People who did smart home renovations are more satisfied than those who didn’t. People who added lighting, climate control, safety features, or smart appliances were overall more satisfied with their remodel than people who opted for a more traditional, less techy renovation.

  2. Smart home technology is exciting to consumers. It’s one thing to get your kitchen or your bathroom remodeled, but it’s a whole other thing to have it be smart. In a 2015 Demand Institute study, almost half of the people who were going to renovate one of their rooms in the next three years expressed that they were excited about the prospect of adding smart-home technology. A Houzz study that was taken in 2016 said that 45 percent of people who were going to undergo a renovation were excited to be installing smart home devices.

  3. People will pay more for smart home technology. It can be a slightly daunting idea to have a smart kitchen or bathroom. Is your information safe? Only 28% of people said that they would choose not to install smart home tech because it makes them feel unsafe. The rest of correspondents said that they would actually pay more for the technology, including smart security. An older demographic is particularly interested in smart security.

  4. Synchronized technology is prized. People want their devices to be able to communicate with each other. The thermostat should communicate with the lighting, the oven with the fridge, and so on. Having a system where the technology all flows together is something that’s going to be seen much more commonly in the future.

  5. Professional installations were more likely. Instead of opting for a DIY kitchen or bath remodel, people who renovated their homes with smart technology were more likely to go with professional installers. These installations included appliances, cameras, motion-sensors, detectors, thermostats and/or alarms.

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