The Pros and Cons of Double Vanity Sinks

What’s a double sink vanity? It’s two sinks installed in your bathroom, usually into the cabinets. The vanity countertop accommodates the two sinks, and they’re typically all connected together in the same slab of counter. It’s two sinks, two faucets, and double the convenience.


Incorporating a double sink vanity top can be a great addition to your bathroom space. Here’s why it can make all the difference (or why not).


The Pros 

The most obvious pro of a double sink vanity is the added space. If you share your bathroom with a partner, a double vanity is basically a no-brainer. Essentially a his and hers sink combination, you’re getting dual sinks to accommodate for the inevitability of both of you wanting to brush your teeth, wash your faces, and wash your hands - at the same time.

You know that when you share a bathroom, space is hard to come by. When you eliminate the possibility of having to share a sink, you create your own personal space.Your side of the sink can be completely your own! Keep your side of the sink as clutter free as you want, and be proud of your own little space. Believe it or not, this new setup actually might stop you from having some arguments (who left the toothpaste out, again?). 


Another huge pro: getting a double vanity is one of the easiest ways to turn your bathroom into a luxury space. If you don’t have the money to do large renovations on your bathroom, this is a smaller scale change that can make all the difference. Two sinks make your bathroom look grand and accommodating.


When you get a double vanity, you’re also increasing your storage space. The cabinet underneath your sink  is likely to grow in size, giving more space to work with - in some cases double the space!


It’s also possible that your counter space might grow when you get a double sink vanity. Depending on how big or small your single sink vanity was, you could go up in size. If it was a small sink, get ready for more space with two.


Especially if you have a larger bathroom, a double vanity can be worked into just about any design, increase your storage space, and make your bathroom much more fluid in its layout.


The Cons

While you are, in fact, making your bathroom look more on the luxury side, you might have to do some extra plumbing work to make the sink work for you. If you had a single sink to start with, it’s possible that when installing the double sink, you’ll have to deal with the extra cost of creating a new plumbing line. At the same time, though, there is potential for this to be an easy fix. When you talk to your designer about making this change, they can make it more clear to you what it will cost.


Another thing to think about is the opportunity cost of getting a double vanity. For bathrooms with less space, in order to get a bigger sink, something might have to be taken out. Sometimes there is building code for the necessary distance between a sink and a bathroom, so that should be taken into account before making the final decision.

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