The Statistics: How You Can Upgrade Your Master Bathroom for Two

It’s a problem that keeps happening over and over again. Your master bathroom just doesn’t have enough space. Houzz surveyed homeowners and 75 percent of them said that they’re sharing their bathroom with at least one person.  There is clutter on the counters, and you and your partner are always trying yet failing to keep out of each other’s way. 


Not having enough space in your bathroom is one of the most common problems people complain about. Not only that, when you’re sharing a space that’s not working for you, it can actually put a strain on your relationship. Why would you risk that, when you could just get help from Reico Kitchen & Bath instead?


How People are Renovating Their Master Bathrooms

40 percent of people surveyed said that the reason that they wanted to renovate their master bathroom was to make it easier for more than just one person to use at a time. That means that a whole lot of master bathrooms out there just aren’t cutting it. Sound familiar?


Of the master bathrooms that were renovated, 73 percent of them included at least one section that was walled off. That means a shower area, toilet area, vanity, walk-in closet, tub or other area that has walls around it. If you’re thinking of renovating your master bathroom, take a lesson from the experiences of people who have gone before you and consider walling off a section of the area. By adding partial walls to a section of your bathroom, you give you or your partner some room for privacy.


The double sink was a must-have, with 66 percent of renovators springing to add one if they didn’t have one already. Adding a double sink gives you the ability to do more with your space. You can have your own separate storage sections, wash your face or brush your teeth at the same time. Having your own designated area will help you feel like you have your own personal space.


Luxury features also took center stage when it came to remodeling a master bathroom. A master bathroom is the perfect place to splurge a little in your budget when it comes to extras. The most popular addition during renovation was a rainfall showerhead. This is a fairly simple upgrade that adds a luxurious feel to your shower. Other top luxury additions included a dual shower, a footrest in the shower, a curbless shower, or a bathtub with a whirlpool function.


Major features were also focused on in many of the bathrooms. A whopping 94 percent of people upgrading their master bathrooms redid their faucets or some sort of other plumbing fixture. Flooring was also redone at 91 percent, cabinets at 83 percent, tubs at 30 percent, and windows at 28 percent. Only 8 percent of renovators sprung for a tub and shower combo in their master bathroom, and instead choose to have the two separate or just have one or the other.


Nine out of ten homeowners chose a new style for their master bathroom during their renovations, changing up the look most frequently to a transitional or modern style. The most common color palette? Neutral. Because homeowners focused on making a look that would last, they kept to a white or beige color scheme. 


At Reico Kitchen & Bath, we’ve worked with homeowners to design countless bathrooms that they absolutely loved. From updating an old master bathroom to completely renovating a small bathroom, we carefully pay attention to every detail until we have your masterpiece on our hands. Contact us today to get started on your dream project.  Let us help you love your bathroom.  

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