The Top Trends in Bathroom Remodeling Right Now

It is where you go when you first wake up. Maybe it is where you start your day with a warm comfy shower. Or maybe you end your day there with a nice, relaxing bath. In any situation, your bathroom needs to be a place of function. But why not let it also become a place to take a mini retreat too? 


If your bathroom is somewhere you want to just get in and get out of instead of wanting to spend a little personal time for yourself, then it is definitely time for a bathroom remodel to give it and you new life. Look no further for how to get the bathroom you have always wanted than with some of the top trends in bathroom remodeling right now.


Extra, Extra! Make Room for Showers

According to a 2019 U.S. Houzz Bathroom Trends Study, a huge emphasis is being placed on showers in the master bathroom. Four out of five homeowners who are planning to renovate their bathroom are going to make an overall upgrade to the shower, and more than half are going to increase the size of the shower altogether.

In many bathroom remodels, these master shower renovations are going to happen at the expense of the bathtub. A quarter of participants who said they are renovating their master bathrooms say that they plan to remove the tub. Inside of that percentage, 84% of people said that they are removing their tub specifically to increase the size of their shower area. If you are considering making a change, in 2020 it is out with the tub for many homeowners.

Planning on Staying a While

In general, the focus on the master bathroom experience is becoming a trend in this decade. This is partially due to the fact that home equities are high, some markets with limited housing supply and some clients who want to just stay in their current home. With all these factors and the inclination to stay in place, homeowners are viewing it as an investment to stay in their homes and upgrade the bathroom, the kitchen and other existing rooms.Adding upgraded materials like stone or marble is more encouraged than ever when you make the decision to stay in place and get more enjoyment out of your home. 

New Toilet Tech for your new Bathroom

In the past decade high-tech toilets have been on the rise, and their popularity is only continuing to increase. One third of people who are renovating their bathrooms plan on installing a tech-forward toilet. The features of these toilets include built-in lights for nighttime trips to the bathroom, heated seats, bidets, overflow protection, self-cleaning properties and more. If you want a modern bathroom, a toilet with this much functionality might be an essential choice for your space.

Clutter Free Bathrooms are the way in 2020

In order to create your own oasis in the bathroom, it is essential for clutter not to be scattered around your space. 68% of survey participants pointed out that they saw cleanliness as a key component to the ability to be able to relax in a bathroom. 

To reach this desired level of neat and clean, 77% percent of people are planning to upgrade their vanity. If your vanity is just of the older, 2 door variety and does not allow for much storage space, a bathroom renovation is the perfect opportunity for you to upgrade your existing vanity cabinet(s) into something that stores and organize your toiletries, linens and even some of that clutter to help you create some peace of mind in your space. 

31% of homeowners seeking to make their bathroom more clutter free are getting new cabinets. Within this category, people are favoring neutral tones.  A neutral color palette is thought to evoke a more spa-like feel. Along these lines, most homeowners are also selecting white countertops, gray or white flooring, and white or wood vanities. These have been long-lasting trends in bathrooms throughout the years and you can rarely if ever go wrong when you choose these universally pleasing colors. 

Switching Up Bathroom Style

Contemporary style bathrooms continue to remain a common choice at 16%. Overall however, the popularity of renovating in this style is, in fact, declining. In 2017, the style was at the top of the board at 23%.

In its place, we find transitional and modern styles on the rise at 21% and 23% respectively. Traditional style continues to linger at the bottom of the list at 9%, with the farmhouse style coming in at 7%. These statistics reveal that a homeowner seeking to follow the trends might look to creating a transitional or modern style bathroom, instead of a contemporary style as they might have in the past.  But in the end, when you are choosing to stay in your home and design that dream space your style choice should be the one that you envision as best for your peace and comfort.  

Let There Be Light in your Bathroom

A staggering 81% of people who are remodeling their bathrooms plan to give their lighting a makeover. If your lighting flickers or is dim this is a no brainer, but regardless proper lighting is a consideration that should be high on your remodeling priority list.

Within these plans to upgrade lighting, there is an increased emphasis on decorative lighting right now than there has been in recent years. 17% of those renovating the bathroom said that they are looking forward to putting chandelier lighting into their homes, and 15% said the same about pendant lighting. 

Wall lights, shower lights, and recessed lights all ranked high on the list of importance when considering lighting for their bathroom renovation. Fun, multi-layered lighting will continue to be a number one priority for homeowners. Metal and glass are popular materials for lighting structures to be made of.

Following along the idea of having functional and ample lighting, accent walls are becoming a big factor in many bathrooms. These walls add a pop of color, and along with the extra lighting in the room come together for an eye-catching effect. Adding additional mirrors into the bathroom is also trending, which helps make the room look bigger.

At Reico Kitchen & Bath, we make it a point to keep our finger on the pulse of what’s up and coming in bathroom design each and every day. Another trend? The homeowners planning to update their bathrooms hire professional help at a rate of 83 percent.

We have got the experience under our belts to advise you on what trends are going to be here today, gone tomorrow, and the ones that are going to stand the test of time. If you are finally ready to make a change, contact us to learn more about the bathroom renovation process and how we can help you from start to finish.

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