This Kitchen Design Trends Study Reveals the Best Remodeling Points

What’s the most popular kitchen shape? Design style? Size? The National Kitchen & Bath Association just released their 2019 analysis of the most sought after styles that kitchen consumers are going after. They asked 583 kitchen remodelers, kitchen designers, architects, and other experts in the industry their opinions.

What Are the Most Popular Kitchen Design Trends Right Now?

The overwhelming main point from NKBA’s survey results? L-shaped kitchens are huge.

The most popular remodeling project overall this year has been making an L-shaped kitchen. They were typically from 150 to 350 square feet, with only 5 percent of the kitchens measuring in as below 150 square feet.. They’re a super popular shape to work an island into, which is what most homeowners opted for.

Those who chose to have a kitchen between 150 and 350 square feet ended up spending, on average, $48,000 for their remodel. Bigger kitchens which clocked in at 350 square feet and over were around $90,000 to remodel.

L-shaped kitchens are what’s currently popping in the kitchen industry. (U-shaped kitchens were only chosen at 21 percent, while 62 percent chose L-shaped kitchens.) The NKBA also looks forward to what’s up and coming. “Designers and specifiers are seeing the most interesting new products in major appliances, [with] cabinets, countertops and lighting also providing innovative products,” the NKBA says. 

They also said that even with technological advances, the designers and specifiers “want to see more innovation in cabinets (colors, finishes, styles, and materials at affordable prices), vent hoods, sinks and countertops (more colors and designs).” This is particularly great news for you if you’ve been wanting to redo your kitchen, but don’t know when you’ll be able to afford it. In the coming years, the industry is looking to lower costs and expand design styles. It’s thought that the items that need the most innovation are sinks at 16 percent, countertops at 13, faucets at 9, flooring at 7, lighting at 6, and appliances at 5.

Designers say that they’re most excited about the new appliances hitting the market. More mobile accommodations are being made, and voice activation is getting pushed more and more. Safety technology is also taking huge strides, as well as updates for entertainment in appliances.

Now that you’re in the know, we know you’re ready to contact Reico Kitchen & Bath. We’re the ones with our fingers on the pulse of what’s hot in kitchen and bath. Not only that, but we know how to make it look good in your house, according to your needs. Don’t wait until the next study comes out. It’s time for your remodel.


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