Tips on How to Deep Clean Your Bathroom

Glance at any headline today and it is likely that it will tell you all about how many germs are living on every surface around the world.  And if you have not already, chances are that you are probably soon going to be all about cleaning and hygiene very, very soon.  So, put the extra time that you are spending at home these days doing something productive and get cleaning.  If you have not been cleaning your bathroom on a regular basis, here are some ideas on how to deep clean your bathroom from top to bottom for a squeaky clean space that shines like never before.


Prepare for a Deep Clean of Your Bathroom in a Few Easy Steps

It is time to bust out those cleaning supplies! There is something about digging in and scrubbing our spaces clean that makes us feel safer, more relaxed, and just really good in general. At Reico Kitchen & Bath, we love bringing you that feeling.  Whether it is sharing deep cleaning tips or remodeling your bathroom entirely, let’s go over some basics to create some peace of mind for you.

Refresh Your Grout 

Your grout is porous and an easy target for bacteria to grow. That’s why you need to do a grout refresh every six months.

To help stop germs and moisture from living on your grout, do a grout sealant around every six months to keep it in the best shape possible. Before you do your sealant, get a grout brush and go to work. Apply bleach straight to the brush and give your grout a good scrubbing. You should see any blemishes lift.

Clean the Shower

Showers build up soap scum, and germs build up in the shower head that can spray millions of bacteria straight onto you when you’re supposedly getting clean. 

To target that showerhead, get out your white vinegar. Pour it into a plastic grocery bag, and attach it the showerhead for about 12 hours or overnight to let it break up the scum and germs. Run the water before you take a shower after this method to make sure the vinegar is rinsed out.

Throw your plastic shower curtains and even your shower rings right into the washing machine. Going through a cycle in the washer will be enough to break up all that soap scum. Unless you have a special sealer on your shower door like Enduroshield, most any can be cleaned with a paste that you can create with ingredients that you already have. Mix a cup of baking soda with a teaspoon of distilled white vinegar so that it turns into a thick paste. Then, scrub down your shower doors with the solution. Let it sit on the door for up to an hour. Don’t forget your tub - a regular bathroom cleaner and a good scrub will work for this area.

Tidy up the Toilet

Ah, yes, the toilet. Perhaps one of the most intimidating areas of the bathroom, your toilet needs a good deep cleaning every now and then to keep everything looking fresh, and, perhaps more importantly, making sure your bathroom is as free from germs as it can be. 

Use one cup of baking soda, and pour it into the toilet bowl. Allow it to sit for up to five minutes, and then give the bowl a good scrubbing with a brush. If your toilet bowl has spots in it, consider using a pumice stone to really remove those tough stains. If your toilet is very dirty, a toilet brush might not do the trick. In this case, consider renting a small power washer to really remove buildup.

Your toilet brush itself must also be cleaned after you use it. Apply bleach directly to the bristles to get it as clean as possible. Pour soapy water into the brush canister, and clean your brush using that. The water can be poured directly into the toilet itself once you’re done with this method. 

Flushing your toilet causes a huge splash of germs to avalanche through your bathroom. Besides keeping your toilet clean, make sure that you flush your toilet with the lid down to keep the rest of the surfaces of your bathroom clean as well. Using the vent fan is another great way to suck those germs up out of your bathroom and get rid of them for good.

Scrub the Sink 

Again, white vinegar is going to be one of your main cleaning agents for the sink as well. Start off by pouring white vinegar down the sink, and then finishing up by rinsing with hot water. You can also use baking soda to clean your drain this way. The drain is actually the place in your bathroom with the highest amount of bacteria in it.

Your faucet can be disinfected with wipes designed to get rid of bacteria. If you’re using a cloth, you’re actually just wiping germs back and forth from one place to another, while a bacteria wipe cuts through and actually gets rid of the germs. 

If your faucets have grime buildup on them in difficult to reach areas, you can use floss to help break up the tough spots. The area where the base of the faucet attaches to the sink can often be too narrow for regular brushes to reach, so floss is actually a great tool to attach the problem areas.

For all your kitchen and bathroom needs, Reico Kitchen & Bath is here for you. Besides our helpful cleaning and remodeling tips, we want to give you the dream kitchen you’ve always wanted. If you’re looking to do a full remodel or simply have questions that you want answered, we’ve got decades of experience that will help us tend to your every renovation need. Don’t put your home’s wellbeing on hold. Let us be the experts that you trust to get the job done.

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