What the Data Says About Bathroom Style Trends

Would you look at your master bathroom and think that a lot of science goes into the style? You might not at first, but that would be before you knew about all the data trends that Houzz collects about bathroom style makeovers.

Are you following the trends or marching to the beat of your own drum? Should you go along with the style, or do you want to break free of the mold? When you’re working on your bathroom renovation, these are all questions to ask yourself. But first, you have to know the statistics.

Most Popular Color

You guessed it. It’s white.

Cabinets in bathrooms are predominantly done in white, at 38%. The next color is gray at a much smaller 14%, with medium color wood trailing behind only slightly at 13%. Countertops are also mostly white, with 40% of people going for a white counter. After that, 19% are multi-colored.

Grey wins, however, in the wall and floor color areas. Floors are 31% gray and walls are 35% gray. 

Thinking bathrooms are just a bunch of white and gray? Well, 11% of people painted their walls blue and 6% painted them green. If you’re feeling colorful, green or blue is an option to consider.

Shower Surfaces

Gen X (people ages 35 to 54) prefer marble in their showers, while millennials (people ages 25 to 34) overall preferred white slate as their top material.

Porcelain and ceramic tile reign at the top of the flooring list at a strong 63%. If you’re looking for a popular, tried and true option, then this data points you straight toward that. More natural materials like stone tile and slab are next at 32%. It’s possible that porcelain and ceramic are almost doubled in popularity just due to the fact that they’re more costly.

Style Data

In a bathroom makeover, nine out of ten people do an overhaul of their bathroom style. That means a whopping 90% are tired of the style in their bathroom and make the change. 25% of them lean toward contemporary style, 17% of them change to transitional, and 15% renovate their look to become modern. 

Millennials and Gen-Xers are the most likely to redo their bathrooms into a modern style, while Baby Boomers go toward a contemporary style. Straggling at the bottom with percentages that don’t make double digits are farmhouse, eclectic, beach, and craftsman style.

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