What's Hot in Kitchen and Bath in 2019

January is all about focusing on the year ahead and making resolutions. So, what does the year ahead look like for your home? Is it time to make a change?

If you want to keep on trend, there are a few key things that you should be paying attention to. And those things are the pointers that are coming out of the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show that’s held every year in February. Every top kitchen and bath designer is there every February, showing off their best designs and letting you know what you should use in your home, too.

Here’s the latest and greatest of what the experts are expecting to see at the show.

Voice Control

Yes, technology will be popping up more than ever in your kitchen and bathroom, and it’s going to become more of the norm to have it in your home than not. Google Home and Alexa are taking over kitchen and bathrooms everywhere. 

A voice-activated mirror in your bathroom that can show you the weather and what the traffic’s going to look like for the day? A shower that sets to the perfect temperature every time/ Yes, please. In your kitchen, voice-controlled appliances can basically do the cooking for you. Your oven can start remotely with a touch of a button, your pots can be filled with water with a voice-activated sink, and screens can show you what’s in your refrigerator.

Specialty Finishes

Sure, stainless steel is cool and looks good in almost any kitchen. Decorative plumbing and hardware, on the other hand, are on the rise in popularity.

People are getting less afraid to customize their bathrooms and kitchens and make them tailor-fit to the design they have in mind, versus what people might expect a kitchen and bathroom to look like. Matte black, ombre, and rose gold are all specialty finishes you will see through new bathrooms and kitchen this year.

3D Printing

Speaking of getting things tailor-fit, 3D printing allows you to get literally your exact vision come to life in your kitchen and your bathroom. 3D printing can translate your vision into real products with actual working parts. If you have an idea for a kitchen sink and that shape doesn’t exist yet, you can make it exist. Want the handles on your fridge to look a certain way? 3D print it.

Flotation Tubs

Specifically for the bathroom, the idea of flotation has risen to the surface lately. Master baths are now offering weightless experiences. Massaging jets and flotation technology all combine to create a sensory deprivation experience that will make you feel like you’re floating in space.


While flotation tubs, 3D printing, and voice control are all things of the future, trends are starting to go back in time. Perhaps people have a sense of nostalgia for the past, with this type of technology worked in. Vintage mirrors, old-fashioned light fixtures, and distressed, quaint decor is popping up across kitchens and bathrooms. Exposed bronze or gold piping also ties the look together.

To get your kitchen and bathroom up to top speed, contact Reico Kitchen and Bath. We have the top design consultants waiting to speak to you and let you know how to get the most updated kitchen or bathroom that you can. Get connected with an expert today, and you can stay connected to the trends.



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