Why You Just Might Want to Give Your Bathroom a Farmhouse Makeover

Warm up to a farmhouse style bathroom.

Does your bathroom have a style? Do you walk in and feel relaxed, like you’ve entered your own little oasis? That’s how you should feel when you go into your bathroom. If you don’t, it’s time for a bathroom remodel. Why should you deserve anything less?

A farmhouse bathroom is an easy, super stylish bathroom to renovate. The rural look, the rustic details, and the stylish country comfort all make you feel instantly at home. Get that vintage look, but make it new in these ways.

Whitewashed Wood

When you’re working with this style, you’re going for natural elements that all work together into a balanced environment. Wooden elements are great for adding to the farmhouse look. 

Dark woods, however, usually don’t lend themselves to this aesthetic. Whitewashed wood or pine give a lived in, rustic feel. These woods are chic light, and help with a welcoming atmosphere. Get a rustic bench if it can fit into your bathroom, work wood into details, or incorporate wooden shelving.

Country Textures

The ability to play with texture is one of the most fun parts about creating a country farmhouse vibe. Mixing and matching wood with wicker and steel accents with pops of color is a trademark move for this style.

Modern meets vintage in this look, and its meant to look like the whole thing was assembled slowly over time. Subway tiled showers with eclectic accents like fuzzy towels and woven rugs? It’s all fair game, and it all looks great.

Vintage Decor

The devil is in the details with the decor in a country farmhouse bathroom. It’s not a minimalistic style, so you can add decor around your bathroom as much as you wish as long as you don’t clutter the area.

Heirloom furniture is a beautiful touch to fit in with this style. Cabinets with glass tiles that show off old-fashioned looking knick-knacks, yellow-hued accents, and wicker are all elements that fall into this zone.

The Barn Door

If there’s a door into your bathroom, you’ve got a huge opportunity to take your farmhouse game to the next level. Yes, you can really work that country angle with a barn door style bathroom. If you get lucky, you can find one that you can repurpose from somewhere else for it to be a truly authentic piece. If you can’t, no matter. Your renovator can work that door into your room from scratch and make you feel connected to the country.

Pleasant Lighting

This style marks a “can do” attitude of people who work on the farm or in the country, and that demeanor always exudes a bright and happy atmosphere. Open up those windows and make sure the light is shining through into your bathroom.

If you don’t have windows, accent lighting layered on top of overhead lights can help add texture and brightness to the room.

A Second Life

Elements of your country farmhouse style are meant to look like they’re living a second life. A mirror that’s hanging over your vanity? Maybe that was previously attached to a dresser. And the hardware on the sinks was repurposed from an antique dresser. The more natural the vibe of the room, the more successful the look.

Check out our bathroom planning guide to start getting an idea of what a bathroom remodel will bring. At Reico Kitchen & Bath, we can get your farmhouse bathroom style set into action. All it takes is one call, and we’ll be there for a consultation. 

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