4-Inch Kitchen Backsplashes vs. Full Height Backsplashes

When people are doing a kitchen renovation, it is often very likely that one of the first things they think about are the countertops. But when you are thinking about your kitchen countertops, you should also be considering your backsplashes as well.


Kitchen backsplashes have become more varied, and more customized to fit the preferences of every kitchen and the homeowners that use them. While they can often match the choice of countertop being used in the kitchen, more often than not backsplashes as a statement in the kitchen are starting to trend. How do you decide what type is best for you? Start by determing whether you would prefer a 4-inch kitchen backsplash or a full height kitchen backsplash.


The Pros of a 4-Inch Backsplash

The 4-inch backsplash is just as it sounds.  Instead of a backsplash that runs up the entire wall, it only takes up four inches of the space instead. Here’s some of the pros to the 4-inch backsplash:


  • It is budget friendly. It is only common sense that this kind of backsplash will cost less for materials, as the backsplash does not extend up the wall to generally just below your wall cabinets. If you are trying to keep the budget in mind, this might be a serious consideration for you.
  • It gives you room to accessorize. If you are looking to add artwork or other decorations to your wall, then only having your backsplash take up four inches will allow you to do so, where a full backsplash might not.
  • You still get some spill protection. Four inches offers a decent amount of space to protect walls from most spills or splashes while you are preparing meals and cooking.
  • It can still match your countertops. When you are choosing less material, it is fairly common to add a backsplash in the exact same style as your countertop. Using your countertop material for your 4-inch backsplash creates a cohesive look for the whole kitchen.
  • It can be installed at the same time as your countertops. If you are using the same material as your countertops, 4-inch backsplashes typically have a quicker installation process than their counterparts.


The Cons of a 4-Inch Backsplash

Even with all the pros of a 4-inch backsplash, there are still some things you will want to think about that might change your mind and have you springing for a full height backsplash. Here are the cons of 4-inch backsplashes:


  • The grout needs to be exact. If the grout of your 4-inch backsplash is not grouted properly at the back and where the top of the backsplash meets the wall, it will make cleaning it much more difficult. Not to mention that over time, soap, oil, and food particles can seep into that space.
  • You do not have full protection. While 4-inch backsplashes do offer some protection against your everyday cooking habits, some major cooking can still make it over that four inch barrier. If you cook with oil and liquids often, chances are that some of those splashes will make it onto the wall.
  • The room might get smaller. If the pattern you choose for your 4-inch backsplash is not the same as your countertop, you might run the risk of making your kitchen feel like it is being boxed in by what can essentially feel like an accent border to the entire spot.
  • It could look unfinished. When you are choosing your backsplash material, try to choose materials and a design that will look finished once installed. Otherwise, you and others might see a backsplash that you settled for.


The Pros of a Full Height Backsplash

Knowing the pros and cons of a 4-inch kitchen backsplash, you can probably much more easily identify what they are for a full height backsplash:


  • They are impressive. There is no denying when you see a full height backsplash in a kitchen, it is a powerful look. A full height backsplash tends to become a focal point of the kitchen.
  • They are easy to clean. Got splatter? Just wipe it all away in one fell swoop, since the whole wall is made up of the same material.
  • It is a modern look. Let everyone know you are up to style speed with a sweeping kitchen backsplash that fills up the entire space. The seamless lines give a streamlined feel to the entire kitchen.


The Cons of a Full Height Backsplash

You are quickly becoming an expert on the pros and cons of each kind of backsplash. Here are the cons to expect with a full height backsplash:


  • They are more expensive than a smaller backsplash. More material, more money.
  • They take longer to install. You are working with more material and a bigger space, so expect installation time to increase accordingly.
  • There is no break in visual space. Sometimes without variation from countertop to backsplash, there is nowhere for the eye to focus. Make sure that your full height backsplash does not become too overwhelming for the room.


If your mind is not made up, you can always talk to your designer to see what style they think will match best with your kitchen remodel! You are also not just bound to 4-inch or full height backsplashes. You can consider six inches, eight inches, or any other measurement that you might like. No matter what you choose, Reico Kitchen & Bath is going to make sure that you absolutely love it!


Reico Kitchen & Bath can not only help you determine which type of backsplash is going to be a perfect fit for your home, but we can answer any and all questions about your remodeling project. It’s our mission to work together on the best solution for you, and give you a remodel you just can't wait to use. We’re accommodating of all comfort levels and schedules. Start your kitchen or bathroom remodeling project virtually or in the store today.

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