Alternatives to the Standard White Kitchen Remodel

When you are thinking about getting your kitchen remodeled, you are probably thinking about all of the other kitchens that you have been in or seen online or on one of those remodeling or fix-it-up TV shows.  Whether they have been recently remodeled or not, when you are thinking about those kitchens there is a likely theme that comes to mind: most, if not all, of those kitchens have a white color scheme in common.

While white is a near timeless classic and is still used in many kitchen remodels, sometimes you want to stand out from the crowd and create something that is more personalized to your tastes. Maybe you simply do not like the color white for kitchens, or you are afraid you are going to have a hard time keeping it clean. Maybe white is the color of your current kitchen and you are desperate for a change.  Do not worry!  Here are some ideas for alternatives to the standard white kitchen remodel for you to consider while preparing to start your own kitchen renovation.

White Kitchen Alternatives: Wood’s Warmth

One of the nice things about choosing a wooden kitchen is there are so many different colors of wood and wood stain.  Adding wood to your kitchen in the form of the door style itself can offer a warmth not found in most white kitchens.  You can make your kitchen look more traditional with a raised panel door or add a touch of modern or transitional flair with a simpler, shaker style door.  Add more elements of wood beyond just the cabinets and you can create your own rustic look and feel.  Regardless of the door style, there are so many choices in wood and finishes.  Walnut, alder, cherry, hickory and more give you plenty of options to find the exact color, warmth and cozy feel you are after.  

White Kitchen Alternatives: Sleek Stainless Steel

Nothing says sleek quite like a stainless steel themed kitchen.  If you are looking for that cool, sharp and clean feeling kitchen, a stainless steel kitchen is a definitive alternative to the white kitchen. Stainless steel kitchens make cleaning easy.  As long as you protect against scratches, it has the ability to stand the test of time against wear and tear. To balance out any potential harshness you might be getting from the steel heavy decor, consider adding a few touches of wood or other warm colors to make sure everything is in perfect harmony.

White Kitchen Alternatives: Back in Black

Hear us out. An all black kitchen might sound like it could look a little sad, but a quick search of all black kitchens shows you just how sleek and beautiful they can actually be. Add a few hints of color here and there (a touch of white should not be overlooked), perhaps with some tiling or some chairs or other extra details. If you are really not feeling the white, choose some other accent color. With an accent color and mostly black appliances and decor you will create a kitchen that is your very own.

White Kitchen Alternatives: Hues of Green

It is, in fact, easy being green. Green can be a really lovely neutral color scheme for your kitchen as well, particularly if you are using muted greens that are lighter in color than the hunter green color schemes of old. A nice sampling of green shades through your tiling, cabinets, and marble countertops can give your kitchen a warm, friendly vibe. Create a natural feel to the kitchen by adding wood accents throughout or by using earth tones for that unique touch all your own.

White Kitchen Alternatives: Blue it out! 

On the surface, a navy blue kitchen can initially feel like a bold choice. But this subdued blue actually works as a neutral color when it comes down to it. This very complementary shade of blue pairs nicely with most other colors out there, from wooden accents all the way to warm orange tones. Think about offsetting the blue with a colored backsplash, or by adding a few accents around your kitchen that match that color. Everything will look nice and cohesive, with planned pops of color that speak to your unique style.

White Kitchen Alternatives: Amazing Grays

Okay, we know that gray is very similar to white. But you are still easing away from the norm and creating something new for you, all while remaining in your comfort zone. If this sounds like the option you have been looking for, you can find all different shades of gray to choose from to compliment your kitchen. Dark slate for the countertops paired with kitchen cabinets in a shade of gray along with neutral kitchen appliances make for a modern, well dressed kitchen scheme. Marble also plays well into this color scheme, and can add texture to the entire ensemble.

White Kitchen Alternatives: Two Tones are better than one

Can’t decide on one color? Good news!  Since we have been talking about adding accent colors to your color of choice, but why not just pick two? Black and white immediately spring to mind, but try thinking of your other favorite color combinations as well. Navy and tan? Blue and gray? There are so many colors out there that can be brought together. If you have two favorites for your kitchen and you cannot decide, this might just be the perfect way to compromise.

White Kitchen Alternatives: Retro

A retro kitchen is definitely a niche look, but one that can be designed to look modern and turn your kitchen into a show stopper. Keep the kitchen simple and open so that the vintage appearance does not become cluttered. You can choose almost any color scheme you want here - and even get funky with it. Greens, yellows, oranges are all totally acceptable, and totally different than an all white kitchen.

We love how different each and every customer who wants to get their kitchen or bathroom remodeled is. At Reico Kitchen & Bath, we celebrate every single remodel we do, because we want to create the best spaces for you to live in and be happy with for decades to come.

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