Here Are All The Updates You Didn't Know Your 2020 Bathroom Needed

One thing we can say for certain about the year 2020 is that it has been unpredictable. With all the ups and downs and twists and turns, we are pretty sure there is almost no one who will be sad to see it coming to an end. 


In spite of all the challenges, something that we can always count on is the trends. No matter what kind of year we might be having, there is always something happening in the world of design and renovation that can show us the yays and the nays. For bathrooms, here are the bathroom design trends that 2020 showed us.


Make it More Marble

We already love marble, and this year loves it even more. Marble countertops in bathrooms provide a look and feel that can not be beat, so why not take it one step further? Bring that upscale feeling to the rest of your bathroom. Adding marble to the walls can really add luxury to any bathroom.  This isn’t something that can necessarily be done on a tight budget, but will stand the test of time when it comes to stepping up a bathroom’s look. Your other elements in the bathroom should also be white, and don’t go too overboard - in this case, you can have too much of a good thing. 


Concrete Idea

Yes, concrete is an idea and style that is in right now.  It can take your bathroom to the next level in a unique way. A minimalist concrete wall can really tell people you know your style game, and that you are keeping up with the trends. This look can be simultaneously utilitarian and organic. Mix in green elements with wood and modern pieces to really embrace the entire look.


Change Shapes

Mirrors were not all meant to be the same. In fact, differently shaped and sized mirrors emerged as more popular than ever in 2020. Give your bathroom dimension and space in a way that it did not have before by changing the mirror to an asymmetrical or non-traditional design. While you are at it, frame the mirror! It is another 2020 favorite.


Welcome a Window

Natural light has always been in, and natural light with a view to brighten up your bathroom is taking 2020 by storm. A window placement in the bathroom that allows in more natural light has never been more popular. If your bathroom does not have a window in it already, talk to your designer how you might be able to add one. If it does, consider doubling down on the trend if the opportunity presents itself.  


Place a Pedestal

Especially if your bathroom is small, you are going to love this next trend. Pedestal sinks are coming back, not only because they add a cool, modern twist to bathroom design but also because they free up so much sink space. Rip out your big, clunky sink and check out smaller, sleeker pedestal versions that you could opt for instead. You will enjoy all the new foot space that you have.


Hide the Drains

Yes, shower drains are so 2020. We are always looking for more modern, more sleek or is some cases more discrete. You can hit on all three in your shower by installing a hidden shower drain. In simple terms, this can be done by adding a gentle slope to your shower floor that discreetly drains into your hidden receptacle. No shower drain in sight for you!


Take the Tank

While you are it, do not stop at only hiding your shower drain.  Something else that is being hidden in bathrooms is the toilet tank. Tankless toilets are becoming a big trend. They help free up a huge amount of space in your bathroom and they are also more water conscious.


Show it Off

A trend that is boldly making its presence felt in 2020 is a modern looking shower where the pipes are put on display. Instead of walling them off, the pipes are used as part of the decorative element for your space. This trend is all about exposure and creating an industrial look.


Integrate the Lighting

Instead of showing off all your lighting in a traditional way, fixtures are now being worked into the architecture of the bathroom. In some cases, lighting can be selected and designed to be  installed behind mirrors, in your vanity, or wherever it can be concealed so that when you flick on it can to look like the lighting is coming from the room naturally.


Choose Black Fixtures

Specifically, black tubs. More people are asking for freestanding tubs, then changing up the traditional white color and making a statement color choice with their fixtures instead. Vanities and showers can also be done in black, that when combined with other colors creates a striking visual message. 


Get Shaped Tile

You are used to square or rectangular tile, and subway tile has been done again and again. This traditional style is being switched up yet again, and being replaced with more fun shapes. Think ovals, diamonds, or whatever shape might tickle your fancy - it is a new trend that is really telling you not to be a square.


Partially Tile the Walls

While we are on the subject of tile, instead of having tile that covers all of the walls of the shower or all of the walls of the bathroom, a new trend is to create a partially tiled wall instead. The tile can be made to go halfway up the wall or stop just at the end of the wall before it reaches the sealing. This can create an interesting visual element and bring the trend to life in your bathroom. You can also use the partial tile to your advantage in other ways, such as creating a small shelf for decorations or bathroom accessories.


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