The Upcoming Bathroom Trends of 2021

We can probably all agree that we are happy that it is 2021. And after having to quarantine in your house for so long, you might be looking for a fresh start for many things, including that bathroom you use every day. 


When it comes to bathrooms in 2021, there are some new trends to watch out for.  Some are trends that were not quite so prominent the last few years, while other trends for the bathroom seem like they are going to be here to stay. When you are ready to consider a bathroom remodel, make sure you are hip to the developing bathroom trends of 2021.


Interior and Exterior Blending

One of the newer trends that is emerging in the new year is blurring the lines between interiors and exteriors. Open spaces are in, as opposed to the boxed in bathroom with clearly defined borders.


This trend is meant to give your home a more fluid look, where everything eases together and “blends” in harmony between the bedroom, the bathroom, and the outdoors. Large glass windows that open up into the garden or private yard emphasize a recent surge of incorporating natural elements into bathroom design. The more 


If you are looking to go with this element and trend of blending, start by adding natural materials: concrete, stone, clay, wood - any textures that make the area look more natural and effortless. Large windows or transitions that are open completely to the outdoors come into play next. A skylight can also mesh well with this design.


Sustainability in Design

This is a trend in both bathrooms and kitchens that has been hot since 2020 and we see continuing to be big in 2021. Your old, dingy bathrooms might be costing you more money than you actually think. With an environmentally friendly bathroom, you should be able to reduce both your water and your electric bill at once.  Here is a quick list of ideas that you can do in your bathroom:


  • Install a new shower head that offers efficiency and reduces waste
  • Add a motion sensing faucet that offers you more control of your water use
  • Opt for a low-flow toilet that reduces water consumption
  • Remodel with all natural materials that are eco-friendly and sustainably sourced
  • Install radiant floors, which are more efficient than electric floors because it cuts back on heat loss from ducting
  • Say no to vinyl flooring, which isn’t environmentally friendly
  • Renovate new lighting and choose LED bulbs
  • Add windows to go along with the open space trend and reduce your need to use light

These just scratch the surface of what you can do to create your own more environmentally friendly bathroom. 


Combined Bedroom and Bathroom

You might be looking at that trend and saying, “What?” But it is a trend that is similar to the interior and exterior blending movement. When done right in a spacious room, connecting the bedroom and bathroom together in a free-flowing way can create an area that appears more luxurious and grand.


The bathroom becomes the “wet corner” of the room, and can be built seamlessly into your design. Some designers have even been adding bathtubs to the foot of a bed - which also goes along with the popularity of freestanding tubs. This trend opens itself up to a world of new designs that were not ever considered before.


Floating Vanities

Pedestal sinks are more and more becoming a thing of the past, and they are being replaced by floating vanities. Not only is it a clean, contemporary design, a floating vanity lends itself to small, space-friendly options and unique storage solutions. 


With the pedestal removed underneath the sink, your options for cabinet configuration just got much broader. You can opt for a whole number of different types of bathroom cabinets that now fit into this space.


Large Wall Tiles

You can expect to see showrooms, websites, magazines and TV shows featuring and touting large-format wall tiles as designers stray away from smaller mosaic pieces. An added major benefit in addition to just looking great? Fewer grout lines, which means they are much easier to clean.


Traditional subway tiles are also changing, getting stacked both vertically and horizontally in the same design. You will be seeing them in earthy and warm colors most dominantly.


Quartz Countertops

74% of designers picked quartz as their cabinet countertop material of choice in the NKBA 2021 bathroom trends report, which means three out of four bathrooms are likely going to be topped out in quartz.


And there is good reason. Quartz is easy to maintain while being scratch and stain resistant. It comes in many different colors and always looks beautiful in a bathroom. Trends are leaning toward lighter tones, keeping with the emphasis on warm colors.

“Wooden” Tiles

Why is wooden in quotation marks? Because the tiles that are trending are not actually made of wood. They are actually made out of ceramic or porcelain, and made to mimic the appearance of wood. 


This blends right in with the vein of more natural looking bathrooms popping up this year. The more organic the look, the more on trend it is. And do not forget those floors - they can be heated too. 


Bigger is Better

Bigger is better when it comes to bathrooms. Specifically, showers and tubs. Showers are continuing to get larger, in some cases with walls being eliminated entirely. And COVID-19 has spawned a new surge in the desire for more spacious and luxurious baths. 


The bathtubs that will be most popular?  Well they are not the fancy clawfoot models that you might be imagining. Instead, the trend is going toward flat-bottomed, freestanding tubs. 


At Reico Kitchen & Bath, we wish you a happy, healthy New Year. With 2020 in the rearview mirror, we are hoping that positive things are on the horizon for you, your family, and your kitchen or bathroom remodels! Is it time to get to work on that update for your kitchen or bathroom?  Let us give you the fresh start you have been looking for. Contact us today. 

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