What's An Attic Bathroom and How to Renovate One

It is one of the most common problems when it comes to bathroom renovations, or home renovations for that matter: you want more space.  But with your current floorplan and layout, it just does not seem possible. Well, if you have searched high and low for a space or a new bathroom in your home but just cannot seem to find one, what if we told you it might actually be possible?


Your dreams of more space can come true, for a gathering or for that new bathroom design in one place that you actually might not have considered yet: your attic. Yes, with an attic renovation, you can add extra space or a bathroom and use as an area in your house you might have thought was just dead space before. 


So, What Is An Attic Bathroom?

An attic bathroom is just what you think it might be: a bathroom built into your attic. It can also be called a loft bathroom, with loft being a term often interchangeable with the term attic.


Attic bathrooms are particularly useful when you are converting attic space into a room, be it a bedroom, game room or TV room, provided your space allows for that.  Unless your attic is particularly large, most attic bathrooms are often going to be smaller than what comes to mind when you compare to the size of a typical bathroom. Here is some guidelines to creating, or renovating, an attic bathroom.

Consider Your Layout Options

Layout is everything when it comes to an attic bathroom. When you are designing your attic bathroom, it makes sense to consult with your designer and contractor on how to make the very best use of the space you have to work with. In most situations, there will be a slope of the ceiling that follows the roof of your home.  You will have to work that into the space, so get with your remodeling team on how best to work with the area and create a bathroom layout that makes the most sense for you.


For example, the location of a toilet would most likely be best under the slope of the ceiling, where you require less standing room than other places in the bathroom. If you are considering a full bathroom, the area where you have the most space is likely where installing the shower will make the most sense. If your attic is large enough, you might be able to add a tub under the slope (weight permitting of course!), because the tub is another area of the bathroom where less standing space is needed.


Think About Lighting

Picturing any attic, we often think of a dark space in need of light and warmth. Lighting changes that, creating a space that can be bright, welcoming and warm. For some attic bathrooms, lighting can be one of the most enticing aspects. Most attics tend to have windows that allow for lots of natural light.  Even if they do not, as they are usually facing open air it can allow for the addition of a new window. Roof lights are also an option for the attic, often more so than they might be in other areas of the house. With options for natural lighting, the potential to open up the space and make it feel bigger and brighter is an important consideration.


Be Creative With Space

Do not assume you can not have that walk-in shower in your attic bathroom. Tucking away a walk in shower under the eaves of the roof is actually a creative way to make the most of your space, since the wall is already there. Construct the shower walls to match the architecture of the house and add tile all the way around the wall, instead of going along the lines of what might be considered the traditional size and shape of a shower.


Storage can also come from unexpected places. Shelves recessed into the walls might create options for storing things that would have simply been wasted space otherwise. Regardless of the ways that you decide to get creative with your attic bathroom space, you will need to work around architectural elements - but this adds intrigue and uniqueness to the entire experience.


Add Mirrors

Do not just rely on lighting to giving you a boost making your bathroom feel larger and airier.  Adding mirrors will also work wonders! Mirrors help expand small spaces by creating the illusion that the space appears larger than it actually is.  It can work in bigger spaces too.  Add a mirror to an entire wall of your attic, or ask your designer to position them strategically throughout to make the room appear more expansive.


Make it a Wet Room

If you are truly lacking for space, turning your attic into a wet room instead of a full bathroom might be a consideration. A waterfall shower can reduce the amount of space you need for a shower, and adding wall mounted taps can give you a sink in a tight space. You will need to make sure that you have extra ventilation for the space.


Consider Your Flooring

With an attic bathroom, you have the option to consider most any type of flooring.  Find what works well with the space, remembering that you will have to think a little more carefully about weight. You do not want to add any unnecessary weight to the area, so marble or other heavy materials are going to have to stay on lower levels. Hardwood or non-slip floors are always good options that still provide a touch of luxry.


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